Iyengar Yoga

I started Iyengar yoga at the beginning of the year because I want 2016 to be a year of change – you know the usual cliché resolutions that you make after a sinful Christmas period. But unlike many other resolutions I made, I actually stuck to this one.

I was introduced to this style of yoga by my mum who has been doing it going for well over a year now. She convinced me to join as distraction technique from the worries and stresses of a typical student life! I can honestly say it has done me the world of good; if you suffer from anxiety, depression or just need a way to relax and de-stress after a busy day or because of a hectic lifestyle, Iyengar yoga works wonders. Unlike many other forms of yoga, the teachers are trained on how to use props throughout the poses so that you do not overwork your body and cause any injury. So if you are worried about not being flexible enough don’t panic, I felt exactly the same. Each session helps to slowly build yourself up with support from foam pads and blocks to allow you to safely and comfortably stretch your muscles, without damaging your body. Gradually over time, you can remove the props when you feel able to. Although it may take longer for some to get to this stage, not all positions will be challenging.

In my class on Thursday evening, I took a few photographs of my teacher, Paula showing some moves you could end up doing. Don’t be frightened, it takes years for people to be fully flexible in the poses, you should never force yourselves into the final pose from the beginning – it takes time!
Paula is one of the loveliest ladies I have ever met. She makes you feel completely at ease and the classes aren’t strictly serious and taught in silence, we often burst into laughter when we struggle with the moves (you still have to concentrate though!)
She has a Facebook Page (please go and have a look and give her some support) which shows some of the other poses you could eventually be doing and a little bit about the history of Iyengar yoga.

This pose is called Marichyasana I which is a type of forward bend – and no I can’t get my head to my leg!

When looking for equipment, its advisable to shop around. Some of the props can be found on Amazon as cheaper alternatives to the branded items. I have bought some of my props from a site called Yoga Matters and asked for some things as presents for my birthday and Christmas, so I didn’t buy everything at once.

Yoga Kit List

Don’t worry if you can’t buy it all at once. The most important items you need are a mat, a blanket and a bag to carry them in. You can borrow belts, bricks and foam pads at the classes.

I have four of these Recycled Chip Foam Blocks which come in very handy
I definitely recommend these Yoga Matters ‘Sticky Yoga Mats’ mine is in the colour Magenta
The belts are another important prop. Again they are from Yoga Matters; I bought the colour ‘Hot Pink’

Class Times

Monday – 6.30-7.30pm (Beginners)
Tuesday –  9.15-10.15am (Beginners)
Tuesday – 10.30am – 12 noon (General)
Tuesday –  6.15-7.45pm (Beginners – Level 2) for those with at least a year’s experience of regular Iyengar Yoga classes
Thursday – 6.15-7.15pm (Beginners)

Thursday – 7.30-9pm (General)

All classes are held at The Hornets’s Clubhouse, Lavender Hall Lane, Balsall Common, CV7 7BN, except the Thursday evening classes which are held at Kenilworth Senior Citizens Club, Abbey End, Kenilworth.

To ask about prices and other information, message or post on Paula’s Facebook Page

Until next time,

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