Baytree Cottage

So here’s me leaving my blog post until the last minute because I have had a hectic few days. I recently begun a new job and have been training the last two days – but no excuses!

I thought it would be the perfect time to let you into the adventures of my time in Southampton; somewhere I have never been before, with Ben [my boyfriend] my uni friend Emma and her boyfriend, Craig.

One thing you should know about me is I absolutely love exploring new places and Southampton is literally a gold mine of quaint shops and country walks. 

We stayed for a couple of nights in a beautiful holiday cottage in Swanwick, which has only been open to tourists and holiday goers since November. Baytree Cottage was beautiful, I mean even the name screams VINTAGE! It is a 200 year old house which has recently been refurbished and it has a hot tub, yes when we found this out, we were sold! Me trying to describe it won’t do it justice, so you need to have a look at the website here.

It was tucked away down a little road directly facing the marina, so we had to explore, but more about that later. The lovely hosts left us a chocolate fudge cake and a selection of food in the fridge to use which was really generous of them. Although we were amused to find out that the door from the first bedroom could be opened to look out onto the kitchen below… we thought it best to keep it locked, just to save the clumsy ones [Emma and I] from any accidents. 

Okay so being in a new area, exploring was a must. A walk along the marina was perfect and it led us to the Swanwick Nature Rescue and a Donkey Sanctuary which Emma and I had to be dragged away from!
Pictures are a must; me waffling on will not paint how picturesque the scenery really is. If words fail, I rely on pictures. 

Prepare yourselves for the photographs which Ben took of our surroundings.

Awkward third wheel

So fricking cute!

It was really calming just to get away from the normal day to day lifestyle at home, not because I didn’t want to be there but because the atmosphere in an unknown place is so much more relaxing and enchanting. 

As a true bargain hunter I found some fantastic pieces of jewellery in the West Quay shopping centre; my favourites being some bee shaped earrings which I have already worn to death, and I finally got round to purchasing Laura Bates’ Girl Up, which I am already in love with, ahem buy buy buy!!

I desperately want to go back or preferably live there, but lets see where the future takes me.

Until next time,

Neneh x

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