London Adventures

Ben and I went to London this week to celebrate his 21st. His actual birthday was yesterday but my present to him involved us going to London.

We got the train on Wednesday morning to arrive just in time for lunch at Euston station, and our adventures began there.
The hotel we stayed at was in Leicester Square, yes it was a Travelodge but the price was pretty damn good for the centre of London during midweek.

London is one of my absolute favourite places to visit, I went almost every year with my family when my brother and I were younger, because we had a friend who owned a flat right where we could stay. We have been to almost every museum and tourist attraction possible. The only thing we didn’t do much of was go to see shows in the West End, which Ben and I have started to do.
In May we went to see Wicked for our third anniversary (not that kind of anniversary don’t worry!) and it was fantastic! The show is definitely all about the special effects and I love all of the songs, it was an absolute dream to watch.

Ben loves almost every musical out there and listens to a lot of the sound tracks from West End productions (I hope he doesn’t mind me telling everyone this) and one that he desperately wanted to see was The Book of Mormon. The songs are incredibly catchy and pure genius and the story line of the play itself is not your typical musical plot – so it was worth a shot.

A selfie in Covent Garden Market
Trippy tube station shot

Before we went to see the show on Wednesday evening we did the typical tourist sight seeing around
Leicester Square. If you’ve never been to the M&M shop you need to go, there are four floors of heaven and the smell of chocolate hits you as soon as you walk in! Ben took a lot of photos for me because he is so much better at his focus and camera angles, so the majority of these pictures were taken by him.

I love Covent Garden so I had a wonder through some of the cute little shops and Ben took lots of scenery shots for me because he’s amazing… and some ones where I wasn’t expecting to be in a photograph!

Yeah I wasn’t aware of this picture being taken

So I took the chance to look around some of the make up shops in and around Covent Garden. I bought a few items from KIKO an amazing (cruelty free) make up brand that is such good value and their products are fantastic. I bought a mascara, lipstick (in 02 Frison Rose) and eyeshadow (in 14 Pearly Night Blue) – I’ve linked each one if you want to have a look.

We had a lovely meal out at Bella Italia before heading to the Prince of Wales Theatre to see the Book of Mormon. The play is essentially a religious satirical musical and its bloody brilliant!
We were sat at the front of the balcony which we did well to get because the seats can be expensive, but ours were classed as ‘restricted view’ because there was a slight barrier in the way, but we could see everything that was going on perfectly.
Ben was chuffed to bits with the whole show and said it was the best performance he had ever seen (brownie points for me I think!) and the music itself didn’t spoil the play’s story line because there is a huge plot twist – go watch it for yourselves!

Thursday was a shopping day, so we headed to Oxford Street to kill some time. I was dying to go to Lush because last time I went to the Oxford Street store I loved it! There are so many floors and the smell is well, lush. Ben hates it but I dragged him in there and he was happy to take some ‘blog photos.’
I had a bit of a splurge and a bath bomb overload, but they are so worth it.

I found of my favourite shops Stradivarius that I visit everytime I go to Spain. I honestly didn’t realise they had UK stores but yes I bought some well deserved clothes there.
We decided to go into John Lewis even though we can’t afford anything, its nice to look at all the expensive things and die a little inside.
Turns out there was a rooftop garden with a cute little restaurant so we decided to explore. The garden was beautiful but the restaurant was a no go – way too expensive!

We had a super busy few days, walking around London really tires you out and we got the train back on Thursday evening for some well deserved rest.

Until next time,

Neneh x

One thought on “London Adventures

  1. Omg Neneh, what camera does Ben use? These pictures are incredible!! Also so happy that KIKO is cruelty free, I didn't know that, but absolutely love the brand! Fab post, I love your blog so much, you're inspiring me to start blogging again 🙂 x


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