A Return to Kenny

This year seems to be going so quickly, not that I mind – 2016 has been a disaster! (Not just for me but for everyone I think!?)

But lets not rant, let me tell you about my weekend! A catch up with friends, food and Christmas decorating with the family!

An over the top Christmas jumper is a must!

I have been looking forward to this weekend for ages. Mum and I go to the Good Food Show in the NEC in Birmingham every year – its traditional, she’s been going ever since it has started, which is 20-something years!!
Basically its just a hall full of stalls with big well known food companies/supermarkets, like Aldi and Linda McCartney (I was super happy about this!!) as well as smaller businesses showing off their products.

You literally don’t need to eat any meals when you’re there, you fill up on the samples of food throughout the day, its great! I kept going back to the Linda McCartney stand and an amazing brand called Seeds of Change who made pasta out of spinach?? It was damn good!!

They all posed for my photo, so cute!

Mum kept tell everyone that I own a blog really enthusiastically so I could get some good ‘photo opportunities’ bless her!
It’s normally such a busy and hectic day rushing from stand to stand to look at everything, I managed to slow mum down because I have had a stinking cold for the last week and ended up losing my voice halfway through the day!
You wouldn’t believe how exhausting the day is, just walking around a room and looking at stands. We normally book to see a chef or cook in the ‘Super Theatre’ each time we go, this year we watched Nadiya Hussain (she won the Great British Bake Off last year, if you’re a hermit!) She is the cutest person ever and she’s absolutely hilarious!

So I pretty much died off when we got home, after we looked through all our goody bags – its tradition okay! Then returned to the pile of uni work that I have looming over my shoulders.
It was nice to have something to look forward to afterwards though; the last Friday of November is our town’s Christmas lights switch on.
The gang (my friends from home) make sure we meet altogether for our annual curry after the lights for a catch up, we’ve been doing this since we started uni! It was such a lovely evening seeing (most of) the gang, and the food was lovely – apart from they accidentally gave me a mixed meat balti instead of a veggie one, it was hilarious for everyone else!
Then we had a few drinks in one of the pubs, cocktails of course and had it was so nice to be back home, I really love my chums.

Saturday morning was Christmas decorating time! We always do it the last weekend of November, but also because we literally cannot wait any longer! The tradition is constant Christmas songs playing in the background and Cameron (my brother) and I have to decorate the tree.
The tree decorating is one of my favourite parts because its one time we get the four of us actually in one room having fun – although we all tend to wind each other up! So prepare to be bombarded with photos!

They are going to kill me! Spot the fetus photos in the background!

Hope you enjoyed a day/weekend in the life of the Neneh J Bee family!

Until next time,

Neneh x

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