Fargo Village Vegan Festival

Yesterday I went to my first ever vegan festival and it was…(drum roll please) ah-mazing!

It’s great being able to go somewhere with delicious food and not have to read the ingredients, as well as being in the company of fellow animal lovers (yes I know most people are).
The festival was at the Fargo Village in Coventry. It’s basically a small shopping village and the majority of the places are vegan friendly – I mean there’s even a milkshake bar!

Mum just had to be in the photo didn’t she!

I went to the festival with my mum and Paula, who is also the lovely lady that teaches us yoga – I wrote a post about Iyengar Yoga a while back have a look >here<  it is so worth it!

The entry was only £1 which is great considering there were an array of stalls to mooch around and interactive talks were ongoing throughout the day. Our hands were stamped on the way in so we could come in and out of the festival venue as we pleased (any tips on how to get ink stamps off your skin, mine is really stubborn??)
The vegan lifestyle has become massive recently with more and more people changing their diets, which is fantastic and I’m super proud to be part of it.

The amount of vegan cake, cookies and brownies was insane, I didn’t know where to look. I bought a delicious piece of millionaire’s shortbread at the end of our visit. I felt terrible because it was the last piece, but the rest of the people in the queue insisted I have it, I mean who is going to say no to chocolate, caramel and biscuit goodness!


I couldn’t wait to take a bite before I took the photo… sorry

My first purchases were from a stand that owns a shop in the Fargo Village permanently. The lovely lady who served me owns The Green Unicorn which is a fairly new store in the village, find out a bit more about them on the Fargo Village Page.
Okay so onto what I bought. I was immediately drawn to the chocolates I have a pretty sweet tooth and its hard finding a nice chocolate alternative that isn’t just plain old dark chocolate. There were so many sweet treats to choose from and I choose a cream egg (yes you read that right!!) I absolutely adored cream eggs and to finally find a vegan alternative made me a very happy bunny! I may or may not have eaten it already… and I can confirm it was delicious. I also picked up a vegan style wagon wheel, the infamous Vego bar (which I am yet to try) and some whipping cream. Mum bought the chutney and lip balm which are also in the photograph.

feast your eyes on my vegan goodies!

The t-shirt is from a brand called Wear Your Voice that sells hundreds of custom made clothes and it just so happened that they had one design left of the shirt I wanted and I was buzzing! Have a look at the one I bought >here<  mine had been specifically coloured in from a previous custom order.
I desperately wanted to get some cakes but there was too many to choose from, so I took pictures of the majority of them so I could find them another time.

vegan doughnuts erm yes please

I had my eyes on the biscoff doughnuts and cakes and it has definitely inspired me to do some more vegan baking this summer – heads up for some more recipes!
So of course we were going to have lunch at the festival and there were so many places to choose from. It was a little bit colder than expected so we went for a lovely warm curry – a mixture of veg curry and coconut dahl with rice and naan bread, an absolute winner! Mum and I decided to share because there was sooo much packed into the dish, all cooked freshly by the lovely Greens Vegan Catering company.

After our exploration of the festival, the three of us wandered around the rest of Fargo Village. I can’t believe I haven’t been there before, it’s such a little gem and definitely worth a visit!

Spot my feet

Find a mirror, take a selfie 
Book heaven!

It only seems right to end the post with something to do with books – typical English student.
I will absolutely be returning to Fargo Village, I need to try out the other cafes and food huts.

Companies/Supplies worth having a look at :
Mr Nice Pie  (the Swedey Todd pie looked lush)
Wear Your Voice (where I bought my shirt)
Sheese (vegan cheese)
The May Bakery (where I spotted the doughnuts)
Springfield Kitchen (mum bought the chutney here)
Iuvo Skincare (they had bath bombs – they smelt great = sold)
Jade Green Vegan (Paula bought a shirt from this stand. Jade was lovely and we had a nice chat about our vegan stories)
Clean and Natural (where mum bough her shea lip balm, such well priced items)
Greens Vegan Catering (supplied our delicious curry)
Luna Tree Jewellery (had some lovely rings, I will be taking a look on their site)
Chaaboo (handmade tea soap)

Until next time,

Neneh x

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