Summer Vegan Treats

Okay so firstly I think I should say my apologies for the erm, mini blog hiatus recently but you’ll be pleased to know I have got my butt into gear and I will be posting much more regularly from now on.

We’ve had such lovely weather in the UK recently and I thought it would be a perfect excuse to create some yummy vegan treats, the ice cream was calling me! We’ve been stocking up on our sweet snacks and sauces lately and I was dying to experiment with them. Unfortunately, today the weather was not so nice, bloody British Summer!

I will start with the most delicious of each of these recipes:

Chocolate and Biscuit Ice Cream Sundae
Serves: 1
Time: approx 5 minutes

Swedish Glace Vanilla Ice Cream (or any other vegan alternative)
Lotus Biscoff Biscuit Spread
A small handful of crushed oreo biscuits
A small handful of frozen raspberries 
Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup
Ice Cream Wafers/Cones broken into small pieces

I didn’t have an ice cream sundae glass so I used one of my glass mason jars instead.
1. Spoon enough of the biscoff spread at the bottom of the glass, it doesn’t have to be particularly neat because you will be putting ice cream and sauce on top of this. I used about a tablespoon and a half (you can judge based on your own taste) and spread it with a palette knife

2. Sprinkle half of the frozen raspberries on top of the spread and scoop some ice cream on top of this
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3. Crush the oreo biscuits on top of the ice cream and drizzle on your desired amount of Hershey’s sauce – I bloody love this stuff, my mum bought me three massive bottles of them from Costco and they can be used to make hot chocolates, on puddings and of course, on ice cream

 4. Add another scoop of ice cream and add the remaining raspberries and oreos with more chocolate sauce if you are up for it?
5. Next spread some more biscoff around the rim of the glass and stick the wafer to the sides
6. Finally top with a couple of cherries, or whatever you fancy – sprinkles, other fruit etc

Recipe number two:

Fruit Juice Ice Lollies

Makes: approx 8 
Time: 5 minutes plus freezing
Your choice of apple/orange juice or whatever juice you like best
1. First and most importantly you need – an ice lolly mould. I think I bought my yellow and pink ones from co-op and the others were good old fashioned tupperware ones!

2. Pour your chosen juice into the moulds approximately 3/4 full and put the lids on
3. The best option is to freeze the lollies over night so they are definitely frozen but they should be done within 4-5 hours
Keep your eyes peeled for some much more regular blog posts. I will begin posting two to three times a week with some exciting collaborations and posts on beauty, health and more delicious recipes!
Until next time,

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