A Day Trip to Cardiff

As a family, we go to Wales all the time however, I haven’t been to Cardiff in a very long time since I went to the Doctor Who experience a good 5 plus years ago. My dad’s work is based in Cardiff and he travels around the country as part of his job, so mum and I decided to tag along for a day trip to Wales last Monday.

It takes about two hours to get there so it wasn’t long before we arrived and could start to explore. Dad went off to a meeting whilst mum and I ventured around the city centre to check out the summer sales. It was absolutely boiling that day, it’s funny because every time we go to Wales it turns out sunny much to the irony of its rainy weather stereotype!
When mum and I go sales shopping we go to town (pun intended) I think we spent about an hour in the first shop and it is the worst when you try on a pile of clothes on in warm weather because it gets way too clammy in the changing rooms.

I did buy a few items of clothing which I will show in a future post with some of my new summer clothing purchases.
The most exciting part of the day was going to look around Cardiff Bay. Mum and I got the train from Cardiff Queen Street to the bay itself, it’s a very short journey which you can always walk but you get to see a bit of scenery on the way there. When you leave the station you walk past the Wales Millenium Centre on the way to the bay.


The bay itself has a range of restaurants, bars and shops in an area called Mermaid Quay, there is even a Ferris wheel by the sea. We very nearly went on the wheel but mum hates rides/heights and it was a bit pricey, so I missed out not that I was that bothered. Mum was desperate to show me a jewellery shop she visited when she last went to Cardiff with my dad and brother. It is a gorgeous little shop called Zia filled with all sorts of trinkets from jewellery and bath bombs to hand bags and gifts. The lady in the shop is one of the loveliest people, honestly, a true friendly Welsh woman who was willing to help advise us and we had a nice little chat.

Would you believe I didn’t buy any jewellery in the shop! Mum did and choose some adorable feather earrings to wear for my graduation. I took advantage of the nice weather and bought myself a raspberry sorbet, my favourite and had a wander round the bay with mum taking pictures of the scenery.

The candid sorbet shot

The Doctor Who Experience is near the other end of the bay so by the time we had walked the length of the pathway we arrived there. Although it wasn’t open there was a cafe around the back which was and it had an adorable interior with teapot flower pots on the table which I NEED.

We are such tourists

Until next time,

Neneh x

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