Ryton Organic Gardens & The Stock Pot Cafe

As a family, we are always finding the most beautiful places to explore and amazing places to eat, Ryton Organic Gardens and The Stock Pot Cafe was one of those places.

 We had been to Garden Organic a couple of weeks ago just because we wanted to explore the shop but unfortunately, it isn’t open at weekends so we ended up in the cafe and the gardens. It turned out to be a hidden gem with a lovely outside seating area and a function room perfect for parties. The cafe is definitely a contender for a family celebration!

Now we were supposed to be going there for breakfast because last time we visited the menu showed a vegan breakie option, however, we arrived past the deadline because someone had a lie in! So the four of us had an early lunch and the staff at the Stock Pot were happy to cater for mum and I and we had a delicious risotto whilst the boys had a full on roast dinner.

How freaking cute is this tea cosy?

We had a cup of tea in the garden area before going for an explore of the grounds of the organic gardens.

My brother did not want to be photographed clearly…

 There is so much to take in when you leave the cafe garden. We didn’t get to look at the whole enclosure because there was simply too much and it was one of the hottest days we’d had in a while! I got super camera happy with the scenery, plants, flowers and all kinds of nature always look beautiful I swear.

These are literally my garden aesthetic

Some serious inspo for the wheelbarrow in our garden
I bloody love butterflies!

There were a heck of a lot of mini gardens across the landscape each named to suit, I can’t remember the names to all of them but some of my absolute faves are photographed below. The gardens where the butterflies were in habitation was called the Memorial Garden and the atmosphere was incredibly peaceful.

As a self-confessed bunch of big kids, we managed to find giant Jenga, connect four and a hoopla game and damn right we played all of them!

The game is on
Yeah, I lost…

 It’s days out like these that I realise how much I love and appreciate my family (I know cringe)!

A short and sweet blog post tonight.
Until next time,

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