What’s in my Snack Box?

Don’t tell me that I’m the only one with a secret stash of snacks in my room because to me its a necessity! We all crave sweet treats and snacks at all times of the day and it just makes sense to have a box already filled with goodies to satisfy those needs.

I’m not going to lie, the majority of these snacks aren’t healthy but we all deserve a treat every once in a while. Before I changed my diet I ate a hell of a lot of chocolate, so finding dairy free replacements was a task, I didn’t mind trying multiple brands to find my favourites because I mean come on, who’s going to say no to trying chocolate! Most of the snacks in my box are sweet because I tend to go for chocolates and fruit rather than savoury, but I wouldn’t mind some savoury snack suggestions if there are any going? (tweet me ideas!!)

 So onto the first item in the box….

Vegan Cream Egg

I had to take a picture of this delight straight away because I couldn’t wait to eat it when I bought it… oops not quite the point of a snack but oh well! I have had a vegan cream egg once before and I was amazed at how good it tasted. I could arguably be better than the original cream egg, which I found quite sickly. You can get these at a lot of vegan shops, I bought mine from a stand at the vegan festival, that has a shop called Green Unicorn in Fargo Village. I think the vegan cream eggs are supplied by a local vegan bakery? The shop itself stocks all sorts of vegan goodies so I highly recommend a visit!

Have a look at their facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/greenunicorn/
Vegan Bakery – https://www.facebook.com/thelittleveganbakery/

Dark Chocolate Rice Cakes

These were a fabulous find! I don’t normally eat rice cakes but when chocolate is involved I am down to try the food. You can buy a pack of ‘Sondley Rice Cakes’ with the dark chocolate coating in Lidl for around 99p!! You get 3 packs of 3 rice cakes in a pack which is such a bargain considering the size of the cakes. I can only manage a couple in one go, so perfect for a quick snack on the go. 
Pomegranate Hearts

Another Coventry Vegan Festival purchase, these are essentially jelly sweets that taste like pomegranates because they are made with real juice and they are sooo yummy, but I have to say they are a little bit chewy, to begin with. The company Biona organic is sold in health food shops such as Holland and Barrett and they have lots of other confectionaries in their range – chocolate, jelly fruits, cola bottles and even some sour sweets (my fave!) I would say they are little more in price than average but definitely good for a treat!

Conscious Organic Chocolate

The good thing about dairy free dark chocolate is you don’t need to eat much before you are satisfied and this chocolate bar is definitely one of them. Conscious chocolate is a raw chocolate brand and their bars are so rich you only need a couple of pieces before you have fulfilled your needs. They come in a range of different flavours including cranberry, orange and mint (separate flavours that are not all together!)

To see where you can buy them near you, check their stock list – http://www.consciouschocolate.com/stockists/

Carrot Cake Nakd Bar

I’m sure most people have heard about the Nakd bars because they are damn delicious. I have recently tried this carrot cake flavour which is delicious, my all time favourite is definitely the Bakewell tart flavoured one because it takes exactly like, well a Bakewell tart! You can buy these in most supermarkets now I think, they can be pricey so have a look for offers whenever you can to make the most of your money. Most of the flavours contain some type of nuts so not suitable for people with nut allergies, unfortunately. 

Moo Free Fruit & Nut Bar

Another amazing vegan chocolate company, Moo Free chocolate tastes very similar to chocolate that contains milk. The cranberry and hazelnut flavour bar is something I got at Christmas I believe, and its still going strong (dairy free chocolate tends to last longer). I do prefer their other flavours because I’m not really a nutty chocolate person (besides the vego bar!)  I would normally go for their honeycomb ‘bunnycomb’ mini bar or the original milk chocolate alternative. The company does Easter eggs and even advent calendars!! A couple of supermarkets stock Moo Free but your best bet is to go to Holland and Barrett.
Check where Moo Free is stocked near you here – http://www.moofreechocolates.com/dairy-free-chocolate/stockists

Blackcurrant Fruit Bars
Aldi and Lidl do pretty well on the vegan front, these blackcurrant bars can be bought at Aldi – a pack of 5 is around £1.50 which isn’t too bad. Now, they look like they are OTT raw vegan health bars but they taste delicious and they have a kind of sour taste like sour sweets or something similar, I think that’s because of the blackcurrants. Worth a try if you fancy them and they aren’t too expensive if you aren’t keen. 

Just Chocolate
I honestly think this chocolate is one of my all time favourites, and that’s saying something! I know not many people like the taste of dark chocolate because it can be quite rich and not as sweet as milk chocolate but this stuff sits somewhere in between. It’s neither too rich nor too sweet, so it’s the best of both worlds. It can also be used in baking (brownies!!) but I ‘just’ (pun intended) eat it as it comes, such a good chocolate brand and it is so smooth and delicious! It can be bought in almost all supermarkets, I think I got it from Lidl or Aldi, can’t remember which but go have a try!
Sainsbury’s Free From Choc Bar
Yes I know, more chocolate. You wouldn’t think that a supermarket’s own brand chocolate would be nice but Sainsbury’s have come up trumps! It takes very similar to milk chocolate and the bar can be broken into triangles rather than the usual cubes chocolate bars have. They also do a white chocolate alternative which is delish and they do smaller chocolate bars – the chocolate crisp flavour is soooo good!!

These are now officially my favourite crisps of all time, made from chickpeas Hippeas are a healthy alternative to regular crisps, but they are so delicious! I would say they are bit like wotsits in appearance, you wouldn’t believe they are made out of chickpeas. Hippeas come in a variety of flavours from Cheese, to Fajita to my fave flavour Sweet & Smokin’. They are so moreish give them a taste. I think you can buy them from the usual health shops and maybe a few supermarkets?

Sunbites Sea Salted Flavour

Last but by no means least, the sea salted flavour Sunbites are in my snack box. They are made my Walkers so are fairly readily available in all retailers. The crisps themselves are made of multigrain so not your usual potato style crisp. Again, it is very easy to munch your way through a whole bag, all the flavours I tried are yummy, unfortunately, they aren’t all vegan so stick to these or the sweet chilli flavour.
Until next time,

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