Beauty, Skin and Haircare Product Empties

You know you really love a product (makeup, skincare etc) if you have managed to hit pan or get to the bottom of the pot. This doesn’t happen very often with the items that I have because I like to try new products all of the time, so unless I really love something I won’t go back and use it every single time. But on to the products I did manage to finish…

Lush Oatifix Mask

Okay, so Lush may not be everyone’s cup of tea because it may come across as over hyped with its presence all over social media and the like, but it shouldn’t put you off trying some of their products. Their fresh face masks are on point and Oatifix was one of the first I tried and I definitely wasn’t disappointed. The fresh face masks can be found in the centre of store and are kept cool on a bed of ice with some sample nearby so you can try before you buy. I can’t lie the mask itself is very messy to apply because of the combination of banana and oats but it makes your face feel super soft and fresh afterwards – 10/10 would recommend!

Milani Foundation

Please excuse the absolute state of this foundation bottle, it was very clearly well loved! I think I saw this foundation recommended in a YouTube video by the lovely sophdoesnails, it was a damn good one too because not only being a 2-in-1 concealer and foundation it lasts for a long time too. The only issue I have with it is the shades as I thought 03 Light Beige was a little too dark for me so I bought the shade below 02 and it turned out to be darker?? I recommend researching fully to make sure you get the correct shade for your skin, or maybe add lightening or darkening drops if you can’t find a perfect match. 

Body Shop Mango Scrub

This scrub is literally scent heaven. I love summer scents whatever time of the year and using this scrub to exfoliate in the shower once a week or so is a treat worth waiting for. You don’t need to apply much product when using it because it spreads out fairly well and you can really clean you skin throughly and end up smelling fruity and summery at the same time. The Body Shop has a whole range of different fruit-scented body scrubs and creams that are 100% reliable no matter what.

Little Mix by Collection Perrie’s Blush It

I have had to find an image of the collection blusher online because I managed to smash the powder, and had to decant it into another pot and threw away the packaging. I know it seems a like a bit of a typical fan thing to do to buy makeup from a celebrity collection by I genuinely liked the colour of this blusher! Unfortunately, this blush isn’t sold anymore, but I think you can get it on Amazon if you have a little search. It is a beautiful subtle pink which is perfect for daytime makeup because you can’t really go too heavy-handed on the application.

Lush Let the Good Times Roll

This is hands down my favourite Lush product ever. I tried some of the testers of Let the Good Times Roll in store and the smell drew me in! It’s a facial cleanser made with popcorn, polenta, maize flour and cinnamon which gently exfoliate your skin whilst you use it on your skin. I kid you not every time you use this on your skin your face smells like pudding, you end up looking forward to using it each time because it smells so damn good!

Lush Rosy Cheeks Facemask

The second of my fresh face mask faves, Rosy Cheeks is great at getting rid of redness and blemishes on your face. It applies in a lovely pink colour and makes your skin feel luxurious after you wash it off. The great thing about Lush is if you buy the face masks and other products that come in the black pots you can bring back five empty (and clean) ones and get a free fresh face mask – definitely an incentive for me to buy more!

Superdrug Hair Therapy Oil with Macadamia

I have always had problems with dryness in the ends of my hair. I’ve tried multiple shampoos and conditioners but I think what has undeniably helped is using Superdrug’s Macadamia hair oil. I apply a couple of pumps of the oil to the ends of my hair with my hands after it has been washed and my hair ends up feeling so soft. It is important to keep it up because hair is temperamental and make sure you use heat protection alongside it to prolong the condition of your healthy hair. 

The Body Shop Vitamin E Intense Moisture Cream

I know I keep banging on about Vitamin E products all the time but they genuinely work. I’ve had this tub for a while because I only use the cream when my skin really needs it so I think this is the old packaging. You really don’t need to use much product on your face because it is pretty heavy duty (this is the cream for very dry skin) so all in moderation people. I couldn’t find the exact same formula when I repurchased it, so I opted for the cream for all skin types because my skin is in much better condition.

Until next time,
Neneh x

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