October Favourites 2017

I know everyone says it but seriously where has this year gone? I swear it was only yesterday I was wishing for summer and now it’s November and it’s almost Christmas! I have to say I have neglected this poor old blog recently but I have been so incredibly busy and life has just taken its toll on my overactive brain.

There have been so many things I have discovered within the last month and they are just too good not to share because well, there are my favourites after all. I have got some absolute treats to talk about from food to websites to magazines I’m sure there is something to suit everyone’s needs, maybe you’ll discover something new too!

Let the favourites begin…


A colleague at work introduced me to a website called udemy, something I had never heard of but it is such an ingenious idea. It is essentially a site with thousands of courses on literally anything from photography to learning a new language. Many of the courses are free so it’s worth having a look to see what is available. When I was younger I had piano lessons so I have been trying to pick up from where I left off with some of the options available. I know you can probably find lessons on places like YouTube widely accessible to all ages but the courses on udemy are rated by users all around the world from 1 to 5 stars with the option to comment on what you really thought. I found a course for just £10 reduced from £100 that teaches you through videos and written music and you can do approximately 20 minutes practice a day to build up your knowledge.

The course I used – https://www.udemy.com/pianoforall-incredible-new-way-to-learn-piano-keyboard/

I am potentially looking into getting involved with the world of marketing so there have been some amazing discoveries for me; I found some help with Google Analytics which I will be trying soon because I really want to work with digital marketing and I am not the best at technology!

The course I will be using – https://www.udemy.com/learn-digital-marketing-course/

LA Girl Concealer


I ran out of my trusty Collection Lasting Perfection concealer last month so I thought I’d try something new that I had seen recommended on (you guessed it) YouTube. I tried out the shade ‘classic ivory’ to use under my eyes because reviews had said it was fairly high coverage and oh my goodness it has worked wonders.

Beauty Bay has a whole range of products that we can’t buy in stores in the UK so I am always looking on there, even though I really shouldn’t! LA Girl is an extremely affordable drugstore brand and its cruelty-free so you can shop away without worry which is exactly what I did when I made my own cheeky little Beauty Bay order. I have a little issue with the packaging of the concealer as it is in a tube you have to squeeze with a brush applicator attached, the product oozes through and it can get a little fiddly. I don’t think you get very much product in the tube itself particularly if some of it gets caught up in the brush but it isn’t too pricey so I am not too bothered if it works on my skin.

Simply Pure Micellar Water

This was a bit of an unplanned/accidental purchase because I usually buy the Vitamin E Micellar Water from Superdrug but the store I went to didn’t have it in stock, so I ended up buying this version instead. They both do the same job as I use it as the first step in my day and night routine by removing any excess dirt and makeup from my skin before I start my cleansing.

The Simply Pure range is designed for sensitive skin, which mine can be every now and then, so it was a win-win situation I guess! I usually use cotton pads and pour a generous amount of the micellar water on to. Normally I will use two cotton pads to make sure my skin is really clean and this has been doing the trick. It’s low priced and Superdrug quite often have 3 for 2 offers on their own brand skincare ranges so definitely keep an eye out!

Lush Vanillary Perfume

Well, this little perfume may be small, but it really does pack a punch! I asked for this for Christmas last year and I have very nearly run out. I have to say it is a very strong and sweet vanilla scent so stay clear if you aren’t a fan of those sort of smells. It is a perfume I would usually wear on a night out or to an event and not as an everyday perfume because I think it would be too overpowering as a day scent.

Lush has many wonderful products and I was given this perfume in its rub on balm form a few years ago. I’m not sure if they still sell the balm product but I spotted the spray perfume on a trip to a store and immediately needed it (okay wanted, but still). So on to the Christmas wish list, it went and the rest is history! It is a little pricey hence why I asked for it as a present and have been using it in small doses over the year but it is definitely a staple product for me. Honestly, go and smell it, it is divine.

GRL PWR Tshirt

Throwback to summer!

This is my new power slogan t-shirt and I love it! I have absolutely worn it to death, it is comfy, simple and you can literally wear it with anything. I discovered the website Look of the Day and noticed that they had a £5 sale on, erm hello who could say no to that!? The shirt was in the sale and it just stood out to me; I practically live in jeans and t-shirts so it was just another one added to my (already huge) collection.

The top can be bought in two different colours, grey and white, I opted for the white t-shirt because honestly I already have too many grey clothes. I have worn it with a faux leather skirt, black ripped skinny jeans and denim shorts, the list is endless. It is one of my all-time favourite items of clothing and that’s saying something!

The t-shirt I bought – https://lotd.com/products/grl-pwr-slogan-t-shirt-white-jl3975

KIKO Eyeshadow in the shade 09

I’m pretty sure I have mentioned this eyeshadow before because I wear it almost every day. I had to buy a new one because I broke the lid of my previous one, oops, I suppose that means it was well loved.

The shadow is a beautiful golden shimmer that is literally perfect for everyday wear, especially if you’re lazy like me and can’t be bothered to do a full on eye look with winged eyeliner etc etc. It is fairly easy to apply and I don’t usually have trouble with fall out but I am not too fussed about having golden shimmer under my eyes too, I bloody love shimmery shadows!

Hummus Chips

Now time for some food and oh my god these are literal heaven in a mouthful! Now I know it may seem strange to have crisps that are made out of chickpeas but they are delicious and they taste a bit like poppadoms. I love the sea salt flavour but they also have chilli & lemon, creamy dill and tomato & basil and I am dying to try these too. The company Eat Real also stocks lentil chips, quinoa chips & puffs, snack bars, veggie chips & straws and caramelised nuts which is amazing.

The chips are all vegan-friendly and gluten free which is also a bonus. They can be found in most supermarkets and budget stores, so fairly widely available in the UK. I believe they are also available in America, Canada and Australia.

Happiful magazine


This magazine was given to me by my lovely yoga teacher, Paula who had recently been to a yoga convention and thought I’d like some food goodies from the show. This edition is the first publication and I thought it was a brilliant magazine, it prides itself on being the UK’s only lifestyle magazine devoted to better mental health. It looks at a wide range of topics from family, work and society as a whole, and how each part shapes our lives.

Happiful contains news articles on research into improving mental health, facts and interviews with those who have struggled with issues themselves – in this issue they spoke to YouTuber Emma Blackery which was very insightful! There is advice on managing your anxieties for example ‘how to manage travel anxiety’ and ‘how to master your breathing’ for relaxation. Overall it is a very refreshing new publication and I found it useful with the pieces of advice and interviews that reassured me that I am not the only one battling my own silly brain.

Please think about having a look at buying one or look online – it’s free there! I personally love a physical copy because I just love the smell of new books and magazines!

I hope my new faves were of some interest to you and well done if you made it through my rambles.

Until next time,

Neneh x
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