Time for Some Self-Care!

This week (13th-19th November) marks Self-Care week so I thought I’d give you some ideas how to look after yourself this autumn/winter plus what I do to take some time out.

So here’s my list of simple things that are I believe are important for self-care:

1. Have a bath
Seems like the most obvious one and probably something you have heard a hundred times before, but that’s probably because it actually works! There is something about a calming bath that really takes me away from the chaos of life, even if it’s just for 10 minutes we all need some time to breathe.

I’m a Lush fiend so you bet I use a bath bomb or bath melt to keep me relaxed. Here are some of my favourites.

The Comforter – An absolute classic and the name says it all really, it’s like bathing in a blackcurrant scented heaven ahem Ribena, am I right!?

Butterbear – This is filled with cocoa butter and the gorgeous smell of vanilla so it soothes your skin whilst you are relaxing; a 2-in-1 treat!

Creamy Candy – A bubble bar that smells delicious. I adore the sweet-like smelling products and this one is an absolute winner! This isn’t in the UK Lush site but there are some alternatives that are similar such as Candy Mountain and The Experimenter which are both fragrantly scented with candy!

2. Have a calming cuppa
Most of us British are obsessed with a good cup of tea and I’m no different. I have to confess I drink herbal teas more than the ‘traditional’ cup of tea because I can get a bit bored with it sometimes.

My top 5 teas!
Twinings Cranberry and Raspberry
Knightsbridge Raspberry & Peach
Ridgway’s Red Berries
Clippers Organic Sleep Easy
Diplomat Berry Fruits

3.Watch a film (or binge a series on Netflix)
Pretty self-explanatory but always a great way to try and cheer yourself up. My usual go-to feel good movie has to be something Disney related – yes I am that girl.

My feel good movie list!
Tangled –  You bet this is on my list, one of my all time favourite Disney films. I promise you’ll feel better once you start singing along
Home – This film I have watched countless times when I need a pick me up. It isn’t a Disney film (I believe it’s Dreamworks) but it is hilarious. Full of silly humour and some emosh moments, absolutely worth a watch.
Alice in Wonderland – Come on, you knew this would be on the list. No explanation necessary.
Polar Express – It’s November okay, definitely an acceptable time to start watching Christmas films. This film makes my heart melt, it’s just pure childhood nostalgia gold.

4. Have a pamper session
Applying a facemask is something that can make you feel a million times better because often when you’re having a bad day your skin suffers too. For a gentle pick me up it’s worth trying out some skin treatments to really help boost your energy levels. This is something that goes hand in hand with having a bath, I will apply a face mask and (try) to get to worries whilst submerging myself into the Lush bath!


I usually go between a variety of products, the ones I use the most are Superdrug’s Aloe Vera Clay Mask which doesn’t seem to exist anymore so try out the Dead Sea Clay Mask which is also pretty good and a couple of the Lush masks, Oatifix, Rosy Cheeks and Prince of Darkness. The Lush facemasks have been creeping up in price recently which is such a shame, so I try and get the most use out of them as I possibly can.

Why not take it a step further and really pamper yourself with the Newton’s Lab T-Zone Charcoal Nose Strips, they work wonders! If you’re feeling up to it invite your pals along and apply facemasks together, honestly it really is worth your while.

5. Call a Friend

Friends are there for the good times and the bad so why not pass the time by having a good old chinwag on the phone. It’s nice to be old-fashioned and talk rather than sending the usual text. Hearing a familiar ‘friendly’ voice can set your mood right back into place and its a brilliant distraction if you’re moping about feeling sorry for yourself.

Friends are there to cheer you up and make you laugh, so make the most of it and pick up the phone (I mean or Facetime, Skype, whatever floats your boat.)

6. Listen to Music
Music can do wonders for the mind and soul, it can make you happy, sad, excited and calm. Try and create yourself a playlist of positive songs that keep you in good spirits, there is literally a song for every occasion!

Positive Playlist aka my power songs:
~ Silence // Grace Carter
~ Praying // Kesha
~ Something Out of Nothing // North of Nine
~ Loaded Gun // Lucy Spraggan
~ This Is It // Lo Moon
~ Set You Free // Matt Wills
~ Misfits // Tony Randall
~ Monopoly // Mokita x Cade

Until next time,

 Neneh x

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