My Top 5 Christmas Films Of All Time!

You can’t officially get into the Christmas spirit until you’ve watched a Christmas film this December. It’s only right that I tell you about some of my faves and maybe it’ll make you want to have a cosy night in, in your PJs with a (insert beverage of choice here) and festive snacks – I mean that’s what I would do anyway.

The Polar Express

I remember seeing the Polar Express in the cinema when it first came out in the cinema and I was in awe. This is one of my faves purely because the magic behind it emphasises true Christmas magic.  It is the kind of film you can watch again and again, but never get bored of it. The message rings true each year when it gets to Christmas time and it makes my heart all fuzzy and warm!

Arthur Christmas

I had the Arthur Christmas DVD wrapped up on my shelf for ages before I ended up watching it and then instantly loving it. I don’t know why I hadn’t watched the film as soon as we bought it because it’s such an easygoing movie, something you can watch with your family, friends or by yourself. I know, I know it’s a ‘children’s’ film but I bloody love it, 100% worth a watch.

A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol is one of my favourite books of all time and it’s always lovely to see one of your most treasured stories being made into a film. I know there have been other films made of Christmas Carol but I love this version for many reasons. First of all, Scrooge is voiced by Jim Carrey, he usually plays comedic roles so to play a miserable Christmas-hating character was a clever move! I love animations in general, as you can probably tell from some of my film choices here but because I know the storyline it was fascinating to see how they chose to adapt the book to screen.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Now, who doesn’t love the Grinch, ironic I know! Another Jim Carrey film yes, but he plays such entertaining characters. I think the reason I love this film is even though it’s about a character that hates Christmas the Whos try so hard to make the Grinch get involved in the festivities and you end up feeling sorry for him. Now I’m older I can relate to some of the things the Grinch says…you know that part where he’s trying clothes on and he claims “that’s it, I’m not going!” – me 100%.

Love Actually
love actually

A Christmas classic, how can you go through the festive period without watching this? It gets me every time, so emosh, so cute, you can never get bored of watching and re-watching each year – well I don’t but I’m easily pleased!

Have you noticed most of the films I like are aimed at children? Pfft, you’re never too old for a kid’s film, especially a Christmas one!

Until next time,

Neneh x

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