My Christmas Wish List 2017

Okay,  so now we’ve mellowed into December a bit further I thought now was the right time to start taking about presents. I know some of, if not all of you have seen these wish lists floating about; I believe it’s a nice little way to get to know people through the gifts they love and it gives you a small insight into their personalities. I’m sure from reading about my favourite items, you’ll get to know me a little better!

The Hounds of Baskerville by Arthur Conan Doyle – Clothbound Edition


I have been a lover of all things Sherlock Holmes related for quite a while now. It all began (wow this sounds like some kind of fairytale) when the BBC released the TV series Sherlock, I mean come on it’s Benedict Cumberbatch! Since then, I’ve read all of Conor Doyle’s tales and memoirs and I just love them. The clothbound Edition was released in partnership with Penguin and Waterstones, I already have the two Alice in Wonderland books they released. You can buy them online, most of the books in the collection are classic literature and they look beautiful on your book shelf.

Where to buy –   Amazon

Waffle Maker


Admit it, who doesn’t want a waffle maker!? I know it seems like a bit of a random item to want for Christmas but I keep seeing so many waffle recipes that I’m dying to try, I just can’t help but want (need) one. I’m determined to not let it be one of those presents you just leave at the back of the cupboard after you use it once, like we do with many kitchen appliances! If anyone has any interesting recipes, hit me up!

Where to buy – Amazon

Lush Marilyn Hair Treatment


Don’t you just find that you’re constantly trying to find the hair products that actually do something – yup me too? I’ve been wanting to try this for ages because I have dark blonde hair which I get highlighted every few months, this felt like a product that would give my hair some life! I keep forgetting you can only buy this online so my journeys to Lush mean I end up buying way too many bath bombs. Must remember to shop online.

Where to buy – Lush

KitchenAid Artisan Mixer


Don’t we all wish we were made of money. This is literally kitchen goals, and for the price it’s worth I would make sure I got the most out of it! Surprise, surprise I would love to have either the pastel pink or light blue version, there’s even a copper KitchenAid I mean!! Why does this have to be so expensive?

Where to buy – John Lewis

Miniature Dainty Bumblebee Necklace


I was introduced to Forage and Find by my best friend, Emma who knows the lovely lady that owns the company. The jewellery she sells is so beautiful and because I love bumble bees I just can’t get enough of the themed pieces. Emma bought me a couple of things from her shop already including a bee ring and a little raincloud necklace, which are both adorable! So no wonder I love this beauty.

Where to buy – Forage and Find

Alice in Wonderland Vans


Aren’t these just dreamy! I bloody love Alice in Wonderland (yes we know Neneh) and I have wanted a pair of these for ages and ages. The thing is I really can’t justify the price for a pair of shoes. It’s funny because I could quite happily spend the same amount on food in a heartbeat. I just need them okay.

Where to buy  – ASOS

Tofu Press


Could you get anymore vegan! Okay so tofu is fab and I’ve been using it so much recently in recipes like the good old tofu scramble or stir fry. The pressses are great because it gets the excess water out of the tofu, making it easier to be used in cooking. A genius invention that needs to make its way into my kitchen, again I will make sure I use it so it’s not sat there gathering dust!

Where to buy – The Vegan Kind

Until next time,

Neneh x

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