Bloggers on my ‘Nice List’

I have to give the credit for this post to the Birmingham Bloggers group I’m part of on Facebook. As it’s all go go go with blogmas this month they posted some blog ideas to guide you through December. I recently joined after a recommendation from the lovely Gweni who I met at my first blogger event on Wednesday, but more on that at a later date! The group is for those in and around the Birmingham area to share links to their latest posts, meet local bloggers and to see the latest events coming up in the community. I will put a link to the group below and a little info on the t&cs.

Now to the bloggers…

Katie’s Corner

Don’t you just love the header on Katie’s page, Christmassy af I know. She designs and makes them for bloggers if you ask her nicely, to be honest, I have been meaning to ask her to make one for me! Go and ask her here. Katie is currently doing blogmas like most bloggers I follow although she is managing much better than me!! I loved her realistic wishlist, gotta love a list of honesty aka items you actually want. Now I want half the things from the bloody list and my bank account will probably hate me. I mean just look at the Zodiac Collection from Spectrum.. *drools*

Go follow Katie’s social media below:

Simply Loving Vegan

I always seem to find myself on Jess’ blog reading up on accidentally vegan treats. I adore churros and for me to discover a vegan version had me feeling like I was winning at life. Some of her blog series include eating vegan in different countries/places which is super handy if you need a heads up before travelling; easy recipes and my fave type of blog posts/YouTube videos – favourites!!

Go follow Jess’ social media below:

Jess Beautician

I have been following Jess for a pretty long time now and I believe I have mentioned her in previous blog posts? I started to watch her YouTube channel when I was first looking into transitioning to a vegan diet and found her recipes extremely easy to follow. This resulted in me scouring the internet for even more simple vegan recipes and partly inspired me to start my blog and to experiment with my own recipes! I definitely recommend checking our her socials, she has such a genuine warming personality.

Go follow Jess’s social media below:

Ashleigh Writes

A blogger who writes about topics close to my heart and does them justice, Ashleigh really deserves some more credit for her emotional posts. Her most recent ‘Dealing with Feeling Lost’ really puts across some raw emotions and I really commend that – sending hugs your way Ashleigh! I admire that she really is passionate about her blog –  posting her excitement at follower goals and milestones that her blog has achieved. Well done girl, keep going!

Go follow Ashleigh’s social media below:

Molly Rees

The photos that Molly takes for her blog are so aesthetically pleasing, I mean doesn’t it just make you neeeed all the products she talks about. I really love the layout design of her blog, it appears so simple yet enticing and I could happily sit and read her posts for hours on end. Some of my favourite posts of Molly’s include her ‘Battle of the Palettes’ and ‘Christmas Lust List’ now all you need to do is take my word for it and explore.

Go follow Molly’s social media below:

Just a quick note to say if you’re not on this list and I follow your blog please don’t be put down. The bloggers on this list are those I have been loving this month in particular, it doesn’t mean I don’t love your blogs too!

Until next time,

Neneh x

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