How to Stay Motivated at Work This Winter

Here is little bit of emotional support for you all in the style of a blog post, just in time for a Motivational Monday (okay its a day late, but the principle is still there). I know how it can feel when it gets to the winter months and your motivation, energy levels and determination to get jobs done kind of goes on a (mini) avalanche downhill. This is my attempt to kick-start and reboot the remnants of incentive left inside you to get up and get going!

I thought the best way to set out advise was to give you some examples of how I attempt to pick myself up and get through the day, even if I really don’t want to.

Write Lists
Yes, this seems like a really obvious piece of advice and it may not work for everyone but when I’m really struggling, seeing everything down in order on paper and not floating around in my head really helps. I do try and list what I have done previously and what to do for that day, each time I sit down to start some work. I am a firm believer in saying that getting things down on paper takes a huge weight off your shoulders. Sometimes it may seem like you have a never-ending list of tasks but often by writing to-do lists, you can find that it really isn’t that bad!

If you’re not one of writing notes down or you’re worried you’ll end up losing your notes I suggest you download Wunderlist, an app available for Apple and Android devices. I use this all the time when I’m on-the-go because you can create lists for yourself and when you have completed them you press the checkbox next to the item and it removes them from the list. I find this extremely satisfying because it feels like the virtual way of crossing something off a to-do list!

Fuel Yourself Up with Snacks & Drinks
Now how can anyone get any work done without an abundance of snacks to keep you fuelled up? I tend to drink copious amounts of tea when I am in the office, usually, a fruit flavoured one or the usual cuppa which I would pair with biscuits or cake. There is almost always some variation of sweet based snack at the end of the row of desks at work.. so many temptations! I do try and bring my own because often people bring non-vegan snacks but that’s fine by me because I can’t eat 101 chocolates or the like.

Snacks I usually go for:

  • Almond Pecan Crunch – after discovering these at the Good Food show recently, I have been snacking on these like there is no tomorrow! Find my blog post on the Good Food show here.IMG_0201
  • Oaties – these are basically Aldi’s version of Hobnobs and they are delish. I munch through these with a cup of tea at work whenever I get the chance.
  • Nakd Bars – I’m sure most people know about these goodies but for those who don’t they are essentially fruit and nut bars that taste like dessert. My favourite flavours include: Ginger Bread, Bakewell Tart and Lemon Drizzle (yes, all of the pudding flavours!)IMG_0202
  • Apple and Banana Fruit Bars – you can get these at Aldi as well. They do some really amazing vegan/veggie snacks if you couldn’t tell already and they are super affordable!IMG_0203

Get Up and Walk About
Yes, it seems fairly simple but if your job involves sitting down all day then I suggest you do this multiple times throughout your time at work. I do try and get up to walk about the office because it helps me stretch my legs and means I’m not staring at a computer screen for hours on end. This usually ends up in me getting another dose of caffeine ie. tea or some more snacks… You can also do some stretches at your desk, depending on how comfortable you are in your working environment! I don’t mind too much as I have been at my job for a good few months now, so I’m not going to be embarrassed by a few simple chair twists!

Get Enough Sleep!
Unfortunately, we all know this is the case when it comes to being more productive and energised at work. I admit I am not the best at getting to bed early enough to feel completely rested but I am getting better. Try and get yourself ready for bed by staying clear of caffeinated drinks before bedtime, spraying your pillow with a relaxing spray (try the Boots Sleepeaze Lavender Pillow Mist) or listening to some (calming!!) music. All pretty self-explanatory pieces of advice, but I think its always useful to get a gentle reminder every now and then to look after your body.

And if my advice wasn’t enough for you, have a look at these sites below who also have helpful career advice:
Pinterest – read the motivational quotes!

Until next time,

Neneh x

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