Lush Christmas Collection

Yes, I definitely decided to write this blog post just an excuse to buy some of the Lush Christmas range… I am fully aware that it can be full-on overkill when it comes to Lush because every blogger and YouTuber going talks about the company,  but I genuinely love their products. All the ones in my, I’ll call it ‘little haul’ are vegan (surprise surprise) and of course, cruelty-free.

Luxury Lush Pud

“When dinner is all over and everyone’s had their fill it’s time for pudding! With the flaming Christmas pudding, carefully decorated yule log or good old fashioned mince pies with cream, dessert is never a dull affair. But if you need something a little more chill, this is the pud for you. Although bright and vibrant, this bomb is packed full of calming lavender and warm tonka absolute. Let it dance in the water and release its rainbow of colours as the sleepy and comforting scent envelops you and whisks you off to dreamland. With ylang-ylang oil to lift your mood and warming benzoin resinoid to comfort, you’ll be dreaming of sugar plums in no time.”

I mean talk about colourful! I am pretty sure this is going to be one of those bath bombs that fizzes out an endless array of colours and I cannot wait to try it. Lavender is such a calming scent so I definitely think this is one that will be needed after a bit of Christmas madness!

Christmas Cracker

“Let’s be honest, they may have terrible jokes, ill-fitting paper hats, frogs that flop and snaps that just don’t but, you can’t deny that pulling a cracker at Christmas isn’t a fun tradition that never fails to cheer you up. Christmas Cracker bubble bar is no exception. This bright bubble bar is bursting with uplifting lemon myrtle and lime essential oils. Neroli will ensure you’re full of Christmas cheer while popping candy makes sure your bathtime goes with a bang. Whether you’re pulling your own this year or sharing with a friend, get cracking!”

Bubble bars are great, purely because you can use them as many times as you want. I mean if you really felt you needed the bubbliest bath ever, you could use the whole bar in one sitting but really I like to make these beauties last. Lemon and lime seem like an unusual scent for Christmas but it smells divine, so I guess it somehow works!?

Snow Fairy Jelly Bomb

“Sail away on a bubblegum sea in a boat made of candy floss and fairy dust. Get in the bath and cast this jelly bomb into the water, watching as clouds of skin softening jelly swirl around you like enchanted snow drifts. Soak in the sweet pink waters and float away to Neverland.”

I was excited about this jelly bath bomb after using the Halloween edition that ended up turning the bath bright green. I mean it’s not the most practical of baths because you end up feeling like you’re in a bath of gloop but the thought behind it makes you feel like a big kid!

Christmas Sweater

“It’s getting hot in here, so take off all your Christmas jumpers and socks and jump into a steamy bath! After a busy day of shopping and carrying around all those presents, drop this hot and spicy bomb into the water for some fizzy-ho therapy. Sicilian lemon oil with mustard and ginger powders will ease muscles and warm you to your soul. Coriander seed and clove bud oils are sure to spice up your wife and hygge your husband!”

This is simple, but so cute! The smell is pure in-your-face Christmas and I love it, erm hello, I am so down for a festive feeling dip in the bath.

My Two Front Teeth

“The tooth fairy is working overtime. Give a little whistle and crumble under running water for some seriously soothing and worry-free bubbles. You’ll get all that you wanted from this lavender and tonka dental delight. Neroli will make you smile from ear to ear and brace yourself for what is to come. Buck up with vanilla and let worries bubble away.”

The creativity behind the people at Lush never fails to amaze me. If you have never heard of this Christmas classic, have you been living under a rock!? Again the lavender scent is a big winner for me, I’m sure this will be a solid fave.

Santa’s Belly

“Santa’s chomped his way through a sled-load of tasty fireplace treats and now he’s full of fresh apple juice! Shake his belly like a bowl full of jelly and lather up with sweet and fruity bergamot oil, soothing rose absolute and uplifting neroli for indulgent cleansing. Carrageenan seaweed gives this rounded wobbler plenty of jiggle and softness for the gentlest festive washes.”

I’ve never really been one for the shower jellies but I thought I’d give it a shot. I rarely stray from my usual bath bombs and bubble bars but this intrigued me. How the heck this manages to maintain its shape in the pot baffles me. Let’s just say I had fun trying to get a photo of this before it slipped off my hand and very nearly splattered all over the floor. Don’t worry, Santa’s belly is in safe hands (in the fridge!)

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4 thoughts on “Lush Christmas Collection

      1. Yeah definitely I’m too scared to even go on the website as I’ll probably order a million items haha! I used to have a lip scrub a few Christmases ago, think it was called the Santas lip scrub? It was so good !! Hope they still do it x


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