What I Got For Christmas

I am fully aware that these types of blog posts and videos can be a little bit controversial and it may seem like we’re all bragging “ooh look at all the things I got and you didn’t” I assure you this isn’t the case – well not in mine anyway. So long story short, there’s the disclaimer: I love the gifts I have been generously given and no, this blog post isn’t me boasting.

Most of the posts or videos that I usually see are done in order of who gifted which item but I thought creating categories might be a little more engaging.


If you didn’t know by now I may just like a baking… I’m quite an easy person to buy for in that sense because I would be happy with any kind of baking equipment to add to my ever-growing collection. My auntie and uncle bought me some baking moulds for cupcakes, madeleines, and muffins and the colours are to die for – pastel pink, blue and green is right up my street. They also bought me the gorgeous cupcake tray which will definitely be used for future blog photographs of my culinary creations!!

Technology and DVDs

I don’t think I have expressed my love for Marvel on my blog but now you know. I am trying to collect the films just like I am collecting editions of Alice in Wonderland. Admittedly I don’t have as many Marvel DVDs as I do Alice books but I’m getting there! Captain America is one of my favourite Marvel characters and despite seeing all the movies I didn’t own the DVDs so my brother kindly bought me the box set. As for the keyboard, I distributed my wishlist I have on Amazon to a couple of people who needed gift ideas and Ben bought me a keyboard to use on my iPad. I have wanted one for years but as Ben is good with his tech, I trusted him to get a good model for mine.

Mugs, Glasses and Bottles


I seem to be building up a considerable assortment of kitchen utensils and crockery, do you think my family are trying to tell me something? On a real though, I love every single one of these gifts they’re all unique in their own special way. For starters that vegan mug (thanks, Ben) is hilarious! The Great British Bake Off is one of my favourite shows and my mum is an absolute ‘star’ (see what I did there) for buying me a star baker mug, I bloody love it! I already own some of these flamingo glasses from Ikea in the small tumbler version so I was thrilled to have an even set. The bottle is one of those fancy fruit storing ones that you can add to flavour your water or whatever your drink is, wow what a great explanation but you get my drift.


My family know me so well, my dad gets top brownie points for Lucy Watson’s cookbook that I have been eying up for ages! It was a joint present for me and mum which was so thoughtful, I have already noted down some recipes I need to try. The smoothie book was from my auntie and uncle, they have their own juicer and make smoothies all the time which I took a fancy to, so a smoothie recipe book was a perfect gift. My parents are the best, another Alice book for my collection and it’s so cute and tiny, an anniversary edition in partnership with the Royal Mail.  The origami books are from my auntie and uncle again, the calming part got me because I feel these might be a good option to turn to if I am having an anxious day and need a distraction.

Trinkets and Decor


Now I love me some trinkets. Honestly, if you ever bought me a present and it was some sort of cute decoration, coaster, storage tin ect I would be delighted. The bee tile was from my Nan because Buzzie is our family nickname and I just love anything with bumblebees on in general, hence the ‘bee-autiful’ tin from my parents which is from Sass & Belle – they make some gorgeous trinkets. Of course, there is a piece of Alice decor which is absolutely stunning, a gorgeous find from the Alice Shop in Oxford and it’s pretty much tradition for mum to buy me a Christmas decoration so the Noel piece rounds it off nicely.

Clothes and Cosies

I was gifted some snuggly winter goodies from my mum and godmother and they did not disappoint! The bobble hat was a pressie from mum from M&S and it is the cosiest hat ever, to be honest if you gave me any kind of bobble hat I’d be chuffed. The grey scarf was from my lovely second mum Petina (my mum’s bestie and my godmother) and she got me some matching gloves too. I asked for the scarf especially because it looked so fricking snuggly it’s basically like wearing a cloud. The red knitted leggings are from my big cousin Eloise who spotted these in Primark they are fantastic and extremely comfortable too. I have always fancied a pair but never bought any because I didn’t think I would wear them, but I have had plenty of wear out of these the last few days. The cat jumper was from my brother and I honestly squealed when I unwrapped this, a Christmas cat jumper is all you need in life – cat lovers I advise you go on the hunt for this treasure, it’s from Dorothy Perkins.


All the vegan chocolate! People do go to town with food gifts at Christmas, don’t they? My grandparents got me the selection box which was a big win considering I have never heard of Plamil, I am very excited to try the goodies inside. Green & Blacks are what I like to call ‘posh choc’ I mean it just looks so luxe and fancy! Mum gave me the chocolate collection and my boss at work gave me the full-size bar, I am a very happy bunny!

Beauty and Jewellery


I was given some very thoughtful beauty products this year and I am eternally grateful for my generous family. I have been crushing on the bareMinerals bare Pro foundation for ages and I finally decided to buy it in the Boxing Day sales with a voucher my auntie and uncle gave me. The foundation is in the shade 07 Warm Light which the lovely lady in Debenhams coloured matched for me. I am always terrified of wearing the wrong shade of foundation and ending up looking like a ghost or on the other end of the spectrum, an orange. The N makeup bag and purse are from my Nan and I swear they are my ideal bags, pink and rose gold detailing is literal perfection, they are from Matalan in case you were wondering. Mum bought some lip items from the Body Shop for me including a bright red lip and cheek tint and a balm that smells divine! The earrings are one of the most stunning pairs I have ever seen. If you look closely you can make out they are meant to be pink peacocks, a very different style of jewellery to what I have seen before from my auntie and uncle.

Scents – Candles, Perfume and Bath Products


Candles are something I tend to get every year at Christmas and I don’t mind because I get through them like there’s no tomorrow! I was given a Yankee Candle Advent Calendar a few years back, being able to light a newly scented votive each day was so much fun! I had my eyes on the mango peach salsa candle, it’s always lovely to realise people notice the little things you comment on. The Body Shop has some cracking perfumes, I love the scent of the raspberry and strawberry ones. Anything vanilla scented is perfect for me, I already have Lush’s Vanillary so another vanilla perfume is fine by me! The glitter bath soak was from my auntie and uncle which I am super excited to use, and yet another joke present from Ben – do you think I need to ‘chill’ out!? Finally, the cute little flamingo shower puff is from my parents because flamingos mean Alice in Wonderland.

If you got this far, well done! Maybe some of these gifts will give you some inspo for friends and family.

Until next time,

Neneh x

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