Looking back at 2017

First of all, happy new year everyone, I hope you all had fun bringing in 2018 however you celebrated. I couldn’t really decide when to publish this blog post but as I’ve had a fairly productive day, why not on the 1st January. This blog post is going to feature some of the highs of lows of 2017 and what I am looking forward to this coming year. 2017 was a pretty tough year for me; I made mistakes, I laughed, I cried and I regretted some decisions I made, but it taught me a lesson on what really matters in life and who meant the most to me. I am not going to discuss the crappy times because why should I when there are so many happy memories to reminisce upon?

Hey ho, there are ups and downs every year and we all look back at what happened and think to ourselves: “why did I do that? What was I thinking?” We make promises that next year will be better and create non-achievable resolutions to make ourselves feel better. Why should we have to immediately change as soon as the clock strikes midnight and we enter the ever-ticking timer of 365 days of the year? If you want to change, let it be for yourself and your own peace of mind, not for anyone else because only you can make that crucial step.

I’m not starting off the year thinking I have to change myself but rather develop what I already have in terms of knowledge and experience, making small improvements and tweaks along the way. We can’t learn what doesn’t work for us if we don’t make mistakes, so make them realise your errors and discover what is right for you in your journey through life. So, New Year resolutions – does anyone actually keep them going right up until 31st December? Let’s focus on improvements rather than complete resolutions because it puts too much pressure on us 21st Century humans and our brains can’t cope with the drama 24/7.

My self-improvements and goals for 2018

  • Come off my medication by the end of the year – depression and anxiety can’t rule my life forever, I want to be able to manage my brain muddles without the reliance on anti-depressants.
  • Try and put more time aside to focus on my blog – I neglected my blog a couple of times this past year. I hope to turn my hobby into something I spend my valuable time on and making improvements along the way.
  • Spend more time with those who matter in your life – I fully admit I am rubbish at replying to messages from friends and a lot of the time I blame my anxiety, but excuses no more – friends matter and anxiety can do one!
  • Say yes to more opportunities.
  • Experiment more with my style and ooze confidence!

The achievements I am proud of

  • Handed my dissertation on Alice in Wonderland in on 28th April meaning months of stress were over!
  • Finally got some more counselling sessions to help me through the last few months of university.
  • Graduated university with a 2:1 in English despite my poopy brain that tried to stop me along the way.
  • Volunteered at the Hay Festival which was a huge confidence boost.
  • Starting driving lessons again and booked a test for this year and no I am not telling you when it is!
  • Managed to get to the year milestone of becoming a vegan!!
  • Getting a full-time job after month of applications and rejections.

The best parts of 2017

  • Celebrating my 21st birthday by visiting Daresbury the home of Lewis Carroll with my family and Manchester to see the Mad Hatter Tea Pary statue. Mum and I watched Wonderland the Musical in Birmingham and I hosted an afternoon tea party with the rest of my family and my bestie, Emma.
  • Stayed in Welshpool in a cute picturesque holiday home for Easter.
  • Had the best vegan burger to date at the Haighs Hotel in Balsall Common.
  • The Godiva Festival in Coventry and my brother’s 18th birthday.
  • Explored the Olympic Park in London and climbed the ArcelorMittal Orbit.
  • Many of my friends also had their 21st birthdays, we’re all growing up!
  • Went to two vegan festivals – the Coventry Viva Vegan Festival and the Fargo Village Vegan Festival.
  • Camping in Swansea over the Summer holidays.
  • Stopped over with our family in Brighton for Christmas.

Here’s to 2018, bring it on! I hope this year brings you happiness, hope and positivity.

Until next time,

Neneh x

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Credit to Molly for the inspiration behind this post, read her’s here

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