Trying the Vegan Cheese at Pizza Hut

I’m a little late jumping on to the bandwagon here but the wait was totally worth it. So many companies and businesses are clearly getting the memo that a lot of us vegans still want to enjoy our food, but have a cruelty-free alternative. (we’re taking over!!) Pizza Hut is one of the new recruits to the v gang and it was only polite to try out what they had to offer. This may be useful for those of you trying out veganuary this month; you’d be surprised how many restaurants offer vegan menus/options and it’s getting better this year already!

We visited our in-laws down south in Brighton over Christmas and my auntie suggested we visit Pizza Hut on our first night there, considering I hadn’t tried out the new pizza there I jumped at the chance. Pizza Hut was one of my favourite places to dine at when I was veggie because the lunch buffet was so quick and convenient and the salad bar was just yum – props to them for encouraging people to eat salad. To be honest, I haven’t had the need to go to Pizza Hut since I changed my diet but now there is the option, they are going to get plenty more visits from moi.

Let’s cut to the chase, aka food. I was ready to eat a whole pizza to myself because I wanted that whole vegan pizza experience, but mum suggested we share one and we’d have room for sides and salad – logic. We opted for the veggie on a deep pan base, minus the mushrooms, I can’t stand those things! The only downside to having the vegan cheese is they add £1 to your meal, I guess this is because of expenses etc, but it seems a little unfair. It’s great being able to eat with the rest of your family and actually enjoying pizzas together rather than having to deal with the usual choice of one vegan option that isn’t very inspiring.

Please excuse the shoddy photography, I forgot my blog camera so phone photos it was.


Okay, so the taste verdict…

The pizza had it’s usual base and sauce as both are 100% vegan. I don’t really know what I was expecting but the ‘veggie’ was nice for a dairy-free pizza; I’m not overly keen on the violife cheeses on pizza as I’ve found they don’t melt very well and perhaps that’s why the pizza lacked cheese? It’s probably me just being picky but the cheese seemed to stick to the roof of my mouth between bites but not majorly, I guess Pizza Hut is still perfecting the way to improve the quality and presentation overall. Despite this, it was a very good pizza and mum and I polished off the sharer between us fairly quickly!

View Pizza Hut’s vegan-friendly menu/advice here.

Until next time,

Neneh x

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