Vegan Junk Food

These are some of my favourite words to hear. Yes, it exists so be prepared to discover the heavenly world of vegan junk food.

On 2nd May, the Cellar Club opened in Leamington Spa and I tagged along with the girls because we were down for some junk food that’s not full of the usual (animal) nasties. The restaurant has two kitchen residences – Lily love Tacos and Vegan Junk which has a 100% vegan menu. You can order from either menu, but we were all about that junk.

Now for the main event…

There was just too much choice. I love being able to say that, actually having a choice at a restaurant and not having the one shitty “vegan option” they’ve not put much thought in to. I mean just feast your eyes on this menu!!



Now, seeing as there were four of us it meant there was more food to share (see where I am going with this!?) Romily and I went for the V junk mac which is essentially a vegan burger of a big mac. Now, I have never eaten a big mac but my sources tell me this is a very good comparison. To be honest its amazing on its own so there’s no real need to draw comparisons, I mean mate, LOOK AT IT.


You bloody bet I ate the whole thing and savoured every single bite. Faye tried out the SFC burger, so an imitation chicken burger I guess. I tried this the second time around when I visited with my family and dang that lemon mayo is on point.


Sarah went all out and had the doner kebab which looked scarily realistic but rest assured its delish. Mum also opted for this on our family outing and there is a lot to it so maybe a sharing option with a couple of sides if you’re feeling it.


Talking of sides, we got a good handful of the options on the menu to share. The arancini balls in the picture above were “cheese” stuffed rice balls. We also shared some fries, crispy “duck” spring rolls and “mozzarella” sticks – the sticks were 10/10 my favourites and I need them in my life again asap.


When I visited with my family a week or so later, we tried different options that I hadn’t had the chance to photograph before (I’m so lame). Dad and Cameron tried out the double burger with “bacon” and “cheese” which Cameron found was annoyingly tasty #meateaterproblems.


Now I can’t sign off without telling you about the glorious pudding we feasted upon. There really isn’t much to say apart from it was a salted caramel brownie and better than any non-vegan one I’ve ever eaten (sorry not sorry).


Now you’ve stopped drooling you know the next vegan hangout you need to get yourselves down to.

Until next time,

Neneh x

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