Time for Self Care

I’ve seen a quote floating around recently that says “self care is not selfish” and I definitely needed that reassurance. For someone who is admittedly way too hard on themselves, it gave me the nudge I needed to take a step back.

It’s true though, taking time out for yourself feels selfish because we’re told we should be caring for other people. We rarely make the connection that prioritising your own self care doesn’t mean you don’t care about others.

Most of us assume self care is having a bath, eating some chocolate and watching a film; while all this is true we don’t have to be actively “doing something” to give ourselves a break. Often self care can be something as simple as actually sitting down and having a breather.

Now, I should probably give you an insight into what I do for my own self care routine. I admit I still need to put myself first because I spend a lot of time worrying about how other people feel.

I’ve recently discovered an app called Headspace which helps you to meditate and essentially shut off from reality for only 5 minutes each day. It’s been really worthwhile for the few days I have been using it for. You can set a reminder to meditate each day and all you need to do is listen to the instructions, sit back and relax. I was a little sceptical about the whole idea of meditating because I’ve heard so many people highly recommend it to me, it’s hard to ignore. I had visions of chanting and all sorts but it’s really just sitting and calmly focusing on your breath and letting thoughts come to you, acknowledging each one and gently letting them pass. It has done wonders for when I’ve been feeling extremely anxious and I’ve incorporated it into my journey to work, sitting and putting my headphones in for 5 minutes on the train.

Self care for me is simple. Make yourself the number 1 priority and put time aside to improve your mental wellbeing, even if it’s a quick walk, reading a book or a small spot of mindfulness.

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