Vegan Round-Up: January

I can’t get over how exciting it is to be vegan, particularly during the last few years. The amount of choice now is mental, even more of reason to try it yourself!? I’ve been keeping a list of new food in shops, restaurants and chains just to show how accessible the lifestyle is. I’ve kept it to my top ten because otherwise, we’d be here forever. I’m going to try and make this a series but don’t quote me on that.


M&S Plant Kitchen Range
Marks and Spencer went off with this launch, with 60 vegan items in their Plant Kitchen range there are so many options to choose from. My honourable mentions go to the vegan coleslaw because this has never been available and tastes exactly like the real deal and the BBQ pulled jackfruit pizza is to die for. I am yet to try the cauliflower popcorn and cashew mac ‘n’ cheese which I have my eye on.


Pizza Hut Vegan Pizza
Another vegan pizza to join the club is exactly what we asked for, thank you Pizza Hut! Jackfruit seems to be a popular meat substitute at the moment and works well as a pizza topping so why not. Pizza Hut claimed they would make the pizza permanent item if 10,000 were sold and at the time of this post 17,000 were purchased, roll on March for their rightful longterm place on the menu.


Greggs Vegan Sausage Roll
If you haven’t heard about the Greggs vegan sausage roll, have you been living under a rock!? Jokes aside, the sausage roll is so popular it regularly sells out by noon in most of its stores, becoming the company’s fastest selling item in six years of launches. Did I mention it contains more protein than the meat version…

The Vegan All Day Breakfast Sarnie (source)

Boots Vegan Sandwiches
I haven’t actually managed to get my hands on these sarnies yet but I’ve heard good things, my friends. The All Day Breakfast and Vegan BLT – did you ever think you’d seen those words in a sentence. I desperately want to try the BLT although I have heard the ‘bacon’ is made from carrot rather than fake meat so not sure how that’ll taste?


Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream
I’m not going to lie, Ben & Jerry’s is pricey af but they are bringing out some cracking vegan flavours to the UK, most recently Coconutterly Caramel’d, yes please! They also announced that they’re making their vegan menu in the London Soho store permanent (source).

The Viva La Vegan Burger (source)

Frankie & Benny’s Menu
Somewhere I did not think would introduce vegan options is Frankie and Benny’s, but here we are in Veganuary 2019 having all of the choices. I am most excited about the Viva La Vegan and Mac and Cheese (can you sense the junk food theme here). Have a look at the full menu here – vegan options are labelled vg.


Leon Burger
I hadn’t really heard much about Leon until I spotted a store in train station near where I work. This January they launched a vegan burger made from soya/beetroot topped with a mustard mayo, LEON’s burger sauce, tomatoes, pickles and a slice of smoked gouda-style vegan cheese. I am dying to get my hands on this, I adore smoked cheese.

Vegan Croissants! (source)

Sainsbury’s Veganuary range
A few people have spotted Sainsbury’s organising a dedicated veganuary section in their stores which definitely makes it easier to access the goods. They expanded their own brand range to include ‘shroompups’ and chorizo style ‘shroomdogs’ along with the introduction of the brands Gardein, Upton’s Naturals and Sophie’s Kitchen – all with meat and fish alternatives. Finally, the inclusion of ready-made croissants is the icing on the cake!

Papa John’s Vegan Pizza and Marmite Scrolls (source)

Papa John’s
If you don’t know then where have you been? Papa John’s have been hounded with petitions to add vegan cheese to their pizzas for too long and they’ve finally done it! So say hello to the new addition of Bute Island Sheese, which I am super excited about because they are registered by the Vegan Society (where I work if you didn’t know already!) Heads up the pizzas as a whole aren’t registered, just the cheese. Look out for the trademark on the menu!

Quattro No-Maggio (source)

Zizzi’s New Vegan Options
Zizzi is already killing it with its inclusive menu for vegans. They’ve pretty much perfected vegan pizza. They have now included a four cheese (Quattro No-Maggio) topped with original, smoked, cheddar and blue ‘cheese’ and I can confirm it’s delish. For those with a sweet tooth, a caramelised biscuit cheesecake has joined the menu.

Anyone sensing a vegan junk food theme here, oh well I’m just happy we’re getting all of the food.

Until next time,
Neneh x

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