Nuremberg Adventures

I have been incredibly lucky to spend just under a week in Germany as part of a work event that the Vegan Society has attended for the last 4/5 years. BIOFACH is the largest organic food tradeshow designed for B to B connections and networking for companies from all around the world. The event hit its 30th anniversary this year, with the cosmetic show VIVANESS running alongside as a parallel event since 2007.

The planning of our stand and attendance in Nuremberg was a joint effort between myself and my lovely colleague Abigail. As this was my first tradeshow and event that I’d ever planned I was nervous about how the days would pan out. I’m really happy that the event was a success and we met lots of vegan friendly businesses and current trademark holders in the process!

Now I have to address Germany’s vegan scene. You’re probably thinking “Germany the land of the Bratwurst??” You heard me right, it seems ironic that plant based food is widely available there and even more so that it’s one of the best places in Europe for vegan options. We had a Domino’s five minutes away from our hotel and I’d seen on Instagram that vegan pizzas were sold there. A quick Google confirmed there was not one but TWO to choose from, the ‘Kap Verde’ and the ‘Ventura’. Obviously I opted for the Ventura because it came topped with garlic oil, an absolute game changer.

Next up, the Beyond burger. I know this is available in some supermarkets in the UK but it’s pretty pricey and I’m often wary of fake meats being too realistic. We visited a little restaurant called Veganel that sells vegan junk food; I wasn’t likely to buy the burger again so it seemed like the right time to try. Its supposedly to very meat like but as a from birth veggie I don’t have anything to compare it to. I can confirm it was 10/10 delicious. So delicious I forgot to take a photo. Sorry not sorry.

Whilst we were there I really wanted to get a chance to explore the cultural aspects of the city centre. One evening myself, Jess and Chris ventured out and put our tourist hats on to gaze at the architecture and scenery. The churches in Nuremberg are a big deal and there a few must see spots such as the Schöner Brunnen, a gothic style fountain decorated with 40 figures representing the Holy Roman Empire.

Fun fact: There are two brass rings on the fencing surrounding the fountain that supposedly bring good luck to who ever spins them.

Our final food stop was Cafe Katzentempel, as the name says, a popular cat cafe in the city centre. The thought of being surrounded by cats whilst eating at a 100% vegan restaurant filled me with joy. I ordered the bean burger with fries, it definitely filled a hole! The website even has cute little bios for each cat, my favourite is Samira the lil sass queen after my own heart.

Joshi enjoyed the attention

I am definitely returning to Germany for a holiday asap!

Until next time,

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