Looking back at 2019

I seem to come back to my blog every new year with the highest intentions of posting content across the next 12 months ( and even this was nearly into February), but you never really know what the year can throw at you. To be honest, I fell out of love with writing, lost inspiration and lacked what I believed to be worthwhile ideas.

Looking back is a good way to get a fresh perspective and start a clean slate on what happened the year before. The last two years I have had a memory jar sat on my shelf that I fill with experiences I want to remember, and to rummage through when I’m having a bad day. This year there are over 100 pieces of paper and it feels like I’m drawing out a raffle ticket whenever I select a memory to read. I decided to go through 2019 and cherish the moments that I hold close to my heart. I highly recommend starting a happy memories jar, it’s great for if you are having what I call a ‘bad brain’ day or just want to reminisce over good times.

I haven’t even bothered with resolutions this year, they put too much pressure on the need to change. It’s something that should be gradual and I need to focus on improving my mental health before I stress myself out with goals. Instead I have picked ten of my most important moments from my lil memory jar to look over.

12th February – My first international event trip, to Germany
1st March – Day out with family for my 23rd birthday
18th March – Harry Potter Studio Tour
19th June – Finally passed my driving test!
17th-24th July – Holiday in Bexhill and Hastings
10th-12th August – Girl’s camping trip to Great Yarmouth and Norwich
4th-11th October – Trip to Newquay, yeah let’s not talk about the surfing
12th-14th November – Work trip to Malmö and Copenhagen
30th November – 3rd December – Long Christmassy weekend in London
25th December – Christmas Day with my family

Until next time,
Neneh x

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