Nuremberg Adventures: Take Two

I am very lucky that as part of my job, I get to travel around the UK and explore other countries worldwide and this month I attended one of the largest natural and organic product shows in Europe, BIOFACH. Myself and three of my lovely work colleagues represented the Vegan Society (TVS) promoting and educating visitors and exhibitors about the Vegan Trademark.

This is my second visit to Germany with TVS and I’ve come a long way since my first taster of an international trade show back in February 2019. Now firmly in my role as an Events & Communications Officer, I returned to Nuremberg excited to see my hard work pay off having planned and organised our trip and exhibition at the fair.

One thing I really look forward to when travelling to different countries, is the food! Last time I was sceptical about the vegan options that would be available in Germany but I had some fantastic meals at Domino’s and at a local cafe that is completely vegan. This month we feasted on, to quote Dirty Vegan, some proper banging vegan food.

After a long day of delays and terrible weather, and missing our connecting flight to Nuremberg we had a well deserved vegan McDonalds. Yes, Germany has a McVegan burger and it was fabulous, no regrets.

On our first night after 10 hours at the show, you bet we headed straight back to Domino’s with their two vegan pizzas (sorry Domino’s UK but why are you sleeping on the vegan options!?) We all opted for the Ventura – a delicious pizza topped with spinach, garlic, tomato and vegan cheese. The other pizza is the Cape Verde, topped with cheese, broccoli, mushrooms and tomatoes. Germany isn’t the only country with vegan Domino’s and us OG vegans are waiting for the UK to catch up big time.

I spy a sneaky tub of garlic vegenaise..

Next up, vegan doner kebabs and Germany knows how to do a goodun. After a few searches Vegöner seemed to be a good place to grab a post-show vegan junk food dinner and our fellow vegans had our backs! The doners were honestly incredible, I opted for a box which was essentially a huge bowl of doner ‘meat’, salad and fries, smothered in a mixture of sauces. I basically rolled out of the building with my gigantic food baby.

Just when you thought the vegan options couldn’t get any better, we find out about Crazy Nate’s, a Mexican Restaurant with vegan burritos, tacos and nachos, where we headed for our final night in Germany. I opted for the Portland Style burrito and was not disappointed; filled with rice, beans, cheese, tofu, sour cream and coriander it was 10/10.

Now back to bossing the business life.

Until next time,
Neneh x

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