Vegan Round Up: July 2020

It’s that time where I get really excited about all of the vegan products that have launched across this month!

Freaks of Nature
The vegan pudding gods have answered my prayers with a vegan trifle; Freaks of Nature have created both a Strawberry Trifle AND an Apple Crumble and they look incredible – available in Tesco & ASDA.

Lazy Days Foods
Another vegan cake has hit the shelves this month, what a time to be alive! I remember even a few years ago we had a very limited choice on shop bought vegan cakes, with only one or two available. Lazy Days’ chocolate celebration cake joins the likes of BOSH, Oggs, Just Love and ASDA’s own brand lines to bring vegan cake to the masses!

Jammie Dodgers
Finally, Jamie Dodgers have removed the dreaded dairy from their recipe to make them vegan (again)! The biscuits were previously suitable for vegans but for some reason a few years back the manufacturers adapted the recipe to add milk!? Rest assured they are now vegan and hopefully, they’ll stay that way!

Finally, we have some new Oatly products here in the UK.  I’m very excited to get my hands on this yoghurt, available in four flavours – Greek style, plain, strawberry and blueberry 😋

More vegan cake, I just can’t enough of this! So, BOSH have launched some more goodies in the form of pre-made cake mixes; choose from Epic Chocolate Fudge Cake, Bangin’ Brownies and Lemon Fizzle Cupcakes 🍋 They’ve gone a bit mad with the new products the last few months, I noticed they’ve also launched packet burger mixes and even their own version of nutritional yeast!

So we have another vegan drink joining the Bounty and Galaxy non-dairy gang. The new Mars® Oat Drink is a delicious mix of chocolate and caramel and I can vouch that is definitely worth trying!

I’m not complaining to see a new vegan pizza has hit the shelves at Morrisons – a first for UK supermarkets. The vegan pepperoni pizza is now available from their pizza counters for only £2.50!

Mexicana Cheese
Norseland Ltd, the brand that brought us Applewood vegan cheese has done it again! Mexicana Vegan is a spicy vegan cheese made with jalapenos and is available in ASDA now. I bought some recently and decided to add some to my fajitas for dinner a few nights ago, it was just delicious, albeit a tad spicy but so worth it.

Stay safe and until next time,
Neneh x

Have a read of my previous round up from last month.

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