Vegan Round Up: August 2020

The last few months seem to have flown by and I can’t keep up with the new vegan products hitting the shelves left, right and centre. Here’s August’s little round up featuring exciting new food launches and news!

I have to say I’m excited and gutted at the same time about IKEA’s new vegan meatballs. Sadly, my local IKEA won’t be opening again since lockdown hit it pretty hard, so I’m going to have to travel down the M6 to get my vegan meatball fix! I’ve heard good things about their likeness to the real deal too so guess we’ll have to wait and see.

M&S Plant Kitchen
There aren’t many vegan marshmallows available on the high street, and the ones you can get your hands on are usually pretty pricey! Finally, some have launched in M&S, and £1.50 isn’t bad for a bag when they can be double the price elsewhere.

The Meatless Farm
Plant based food pioneers, Meatless Farm are hosting their own drive-through in London right now. They have taken over an American style car wash and have converted it into a hub for customers to get their hands on meat-free food.  As I’m not local, I probably won’t get to visit, but if you’re in or around London get to Hackney asap as it ends on Bank Holiday Monday!

I get pretty excited when a new vegan meat alternative comes out, especially when its ‘chicken’ and Birdseye have delivered with new additions to the Green Cuisine range. I cannot wait to try their Chicken-Free Dippers, Nuggets, and Southern Fried Strips – finally, we get nuggets in batter, not fiddly breadcrumbs!

Ben & Jerry’s
These guys are absolutely on it with their activism, this month they launched a non-dairy ‘Un-fudge our Future’ product to raise awareness surrounding climate change, calling on Australia’s leaders to take action. The chocolate and peanut butter ice cream is unfortunately only available in Australia, but I feel this deserved an hounourable mention.

Vegan bakers unite – we finally have an affordable condensed milk hitting the shelves! Carnation have produced a vegan alternative, registered with the Vegan Trademark that will be perfect to use in cheesecake, millionaire’s shortbread and brownies. Keep your eyes peeled at Tesco and Morrison’s this Autumn.

Already one of the best supermarkets for vegan products, Asda has added even more to their range – Vegan Cauliflower Biryani Bites⁠, Vegan Tomato & Pesto Flatbread Pizza⁠ and Free-From Iced Desserts are just some of the exciting things to look out for! Their Christmas range is set to be ‘cracking’ (sorry) this year too with 48 products to be launched!

Shaken Udder
You know veganism is only ever going up when the UK’s biggest milkshake manufacturer jumps on the bandwagon. They’ve launched a sister brand called Shaken Other with two coconut-based drinks in strawberry and chocolate flavours. I’m not really a fan of coconut based products but I’m eager to give this a try if it boosts demand!

Stay safe and until next time,
Neneh x

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