Life in Liverpool

Back in July which now feels like an age ago, I visited Liverpool for a few days with my family.  I had always heard good things about the culture within the city and must-see spots there, but I never really had it on my bucket list to visit. Now that I have spent a few days there and had a chance to explore, it is definitely somewhere I recommend.

Sadly, not everywhere we wanted to visit was open because (you guessed it) coronavirus. Of course, this is for everyone’s safety and it gives me a reason to return in the future. It’s worthwhile making a note of some of the locations we visited if you ever fancy taking a trip to the city when its safe to do so, of course.

Where we stayed: Stay City Aparthotel 
One of the main reasons that spurred us to book a last minute visit to Liverpool was because we came across a really good deal online. If you want a short stay in a city or an affordable trip abroad, I highly recommend Travel Zoo – you can book hotels and entertainment which also make great gifts! We booked a 2 night stay for the four of us at Stay City Aparthotel Liverpool Waterfront for just under £110! The hotel gives you access to your own small apartment with a kitchen, bedroom and living area, perfect for a short stay.

Monday 13th July
Penny Lane
Of course, if you’re going to visit Liverpool you’ve got to visit the Beatles’ hot spots! Admittedly I am not a super fan but it’s always interesting putting a place to the name.  Penny Lane is on the outskirts of the city which we decided to explore first because our hotel was in the city centre.

Strawberry Field(s forever)
The location for ‘Strawberry Fields’ is now owned by the Salvation Army, although the museum centre was not open we had a chance to walk through part of the gardens.  There was a nice memorial walkway that featured a plaque thanking the NHS which was a nice touch, I would love to return to get a chance to explore inside.

Anfield Football Ground
Apparently, we had to visit Liverpool FC because my dad and brother are football fanatics, though they don’t support the local team. I guess it’s exciting seeing a home ground stadium in all its glory, and to be honest it’s quite impressive!

Tate Liverpool and the Royal Albert Liverpool Docks
Unfortunately, the museum wasn’t open but you can’t miss out on a photo opportunity by a giant statue! We had a chance to explore the docks where a few places were open including a souvenir shop filled with The Beatles memorabilia.

Beatles Statue
The famous statue of John, Paul, Ringo and George is at the front of the docks, amazingly it’s only been there for 5 years but it seems right at home.

Tuesday 14th July
Boat trip to Seacombe and New Brighton
On Tuesday morning we took a ferry trip from Pier Head to Seacombe which is located on the other side of the docks. I remember it all being quite surreal because it was when we had first been told to wear masks in enclosed spaces and on public transport, which I guess a ferry falls into. The boat ride took 10 minutes to cross to Seacombe, although I was not too impressed with people feeding the seagulls on the open deck! Once we had docked it took about an hour to walk to the other end of the seafront to New Brighton, and the return journeys leave every hour which should give you enough time to explore the promenade.

Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral
As Britain’s largest Catholic Cathedral, this really is an impressive building. Originally named Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King, which makes sense considering the large crown-like structure on it’s roof. Sadly, we could only visit part of the building, but once you are inside you really get a feel of the size of the Cathedral.

The Baltic Triangle Street Art
When we researched the best places to visit in Liverpool, we discovered there were a number of pieces of street art that are worth trying to find, many of these were on Jamaica Street and side roads surrounding it. Understandably many of the works were Beatles themed but they were absolutely amazing. My favourite was a spray painting of a girl with a plastic cup purely because of the detail – it looks so realistic!

Botanical Garden
We discovered an outdoor bar tucked away on New Bird Street on our hunt for the street art in the Baltic Triangle, and it was too nice not to take a stop. I really love stumbling across unique places when I’m exploring a new city or town, and I definitely had a great time considering they served some really delicious gin, but the aesthetics of the bar really make the place inviting.

All Bar One
Not exactly a location exclusive to Liverpool but it was a nice place to relax in the evening (especially with £5 cocktails). I noticed they even kindly label which drinks are suitable for vegans which were handy for me!

Wednesday 15th July
Royal Liver Building
One of the few touristy places open was the Liver Bird Building, which happened to be one of the best places we visited. I always love learning about the background of buildings and locations, and we had the added bonus of a tour guide who told some really interesting facts. When you reach the top you have the benefit of panoramic 360° views across the city, which are absolutely breathtaking.

Eleanor Rigby Statue
We spotted Eleanor Rigby (picks up the rice in the church where a wedding has been) on the last day. There is just so much to take in when you are walking around Liverpool and many things you could quite easily miss.

World Museum
You’ve got to visit a museum when you visit a new place, haven’t you? The World Museum seemed to be the only one in the city open and it didn’t take us too long to walk around.

Stay safe and until next time,
Neneh x

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