Vegan Round Up: October 2020

Another month, another vegan round up. I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m just getting excited about the products that will be launching across the next few months. We’ve got World Vegan Month, Christmas AND Veganuary to look forward to!

I’ve never actually tried Horlicks pre-vegan but I’ve heard many people asking for this, for years. I’ve seen some recommendations to add chocolate to Horlicks Vegan to create a malteaser-style drink, sounds good to me.

Cadbury Bournville
Finally, we have vegan chocolate fingers! I’m a fan of Bournville because it doesn’t taste bitter like a lot of dark chocolates do which can often make people think vegan chocolate isn’t nice. I have high hopes that these will taste amazing – available in Sainsbury’s (and Tesco soon. )

Who would believe six years ago that one million people would have signed up for the Veganuary pledge, and they say veganism is a trend!

I am liking the new vegan sweet treats popping up all over the place (definitely not my sweet tooth or anything!?) But come on, vegan cronuts sound incredible!

I thought the vegan cheese game was well and truly finished, but Willicroft has launched ‘This is not Cheese Fondue’ exclusively to Waitrose here in the UK.  Seems like the perfect timing for Autumn and Winter.

Trifle is one of my favourite desserts, and I’m mostly too lazy to attempt a vegan homemade version from scratch. To see Morrisons offering a ready-made version in stores is very exciting, although £7 and they’ve used strawberry sauce instead of jelly has me thinking it’s a bit of a cop-out!

Vibrant Vegan Co
Another vegan first this month, with a hot meal vending machine being installed in Hillingdon Hospital in London, with plans to expand to other UK hospitals. This will make it super handy for key workers to get a quick meal, and make veganism much more accessible!

It’s well known that free from products are notorious for being expensive, but ASDA has got our backs as they have now cut prices on many of their free from range matching them to their non-free from counterparts. Now this great news for those with allergies, but it just so happens some of the products are also vegan.

Stay safe and until next time,
Neneh x

Have a read of my previous round up from last month.

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