Coventry Viva Vegan Festival 2017

Yes, I know what you're thinking... another vegan festival?! Honestly, you can't go to too many, it's not possible.As much as I loved the Fargo Village Vegan Festival (check out my post on it here) this was on another level; there were a vast array of stalls and ways to interact and engage with the companies … Continue reading Coventry Viva Vegan Festival 2017

Fargo Village Vegan Festival

Yesterday I went to my first ever vegan festival and it was...(drum roll please) ah-mazing!It's great being able to go somewhere with delicious food and not have to read the ingredients, as well as being in the company of fellow animal lovers (yes I know most people are).The festival was at the Fargo Village in … Continue reading Fargo Village Vegan Festival

Healthy Chocolate Slushy!

Yes you read that right - a healthy chocolate slushy. Through my long periods of time shifting through the depths of the internet, particularly Pinterest [hint hint] I have found numerous recipes that I have been added to my 'to-make' list. This recipe being one that I have made hundreds of times, and its delicious!I'm not going … Continue reading Healthy Chocolate Slushy!