21st Birthday Celebrations (Alice in Wonderland overload)

Hold on to your seats, this blog post is going to be jam packed – and it is well overdue!

Prepare for the highlights of my 21st birthday celebrations, from the last month (yes girls have to have umpteen hundred events and parties for their birthdays, don’t ask).

The beginning of the fun started in February. One of the presents from my parents was a trip to see Wonderland the Musical which is an adaptation of Alice in Wonderland at the theatre, which shows her life as an adult – I won’t give too much away because you may want to see it, if it’s still on that is. Yeah I bet you are thinking ‘typical of course Alice in Wonderland had to be involved!’ well obviously duh the blog title is a massive clue!

sneaky caption of the curtain

Before the show, Mum and I went for some food at Zizzi because they have a vegan menu and damn I was not disappointed. All you need to do is ask for the vegan menu and you can see all the options in one place.

For starters we had bruschetta which I managed to drop everywhere because I fail at eating in public. I had the rustica margherita which was delicious, why is pizza so much better when someone else makes it!? Mum had the lentil ragu which was also yummy – no surprise there! For dessert we shared a calzone which was topped with coconut & chocolate ice cream = heaven!!
I’m so glad I managed to take a picture of the dessert when I did because as soon as I took the photo the ice cream rolled off the plate.

Yes there is a sticker on the plate labelled vegan

This is making me hungry 😦

Thanks for the hands in shot mum

Fast forward a few weeks and we get to my main birthday present – a trip to Cheshire aka Lewis Carroll country. We stayed at Daresbury Park Hotel which had some subtle hints to Alice, and Daresbury was where Carroll was born so we had to go. My dad had stayed at the hotel previously because he travels around for his work, so he knew it was the perfect place. They were also really helpful with catering, we told them in advance that I was #vegan and they made some really delicious alternatives.

Now into Daresbury we go…

“Hey Dad take a photo of me by the sign it has the Cheshire Cat!”
Lots of houses had themed signs ahh!

The local school has an Alice in Wonderland weather vane – it never ends

First stop – the Lewis Carroll centre which is part of All Saints Church in Daresbury. It is basically a mini museum with information about Lewis Carroll on show. The church itself has a famous stain glass window with scenes from Alice in Wonderland as part of it and it is beautiful.
They also had an amazing mini shop with Alice goodies and I went crazy and bought the most gorgeous brooch, which I typically forgot to take a picture of!

Next we visited the Lewis Carroll Birthplace which is owned by the National Trust. Basically a small walk that involved following white rabbit statues – I got way too excited about this. Then you end up at the site where Lewis Carroll and his family once lived.

Because the walk was a bit shorter than expected we decided to venture further throughout the village countryside and we came across some donkeys. They came bounding over to be fed and stroked although they did try and eat my coat, probably because it’s green.

Moving on from the adorable donkeys – sorry! We went back into the town/village centre and visited The Dormouse Cafe, yes it is Alice themed and you will not be disappointed. We had tea, cakes and hot chocolates and it was perfect.

 Day number two we ventured into Warrington to see the infamous Mad Tea Party Statue! Then of course we had to wonder around the shops just because.
Yes the statue is outside of a Nando’s – classy!

Hey it’s me again

I should probably mention on my actual birthday (March 1st) I spent time with my uni friends and Neave one of my lovely friends from home, and had the best time despite some minor drama – it was bound to happen! They got me the cutest presents and Emma and Tom even made a vegan oreo cake, the same recipe as the one in my last blog post, too cute! Then we went clubbing and the rest is history. Please excuse the terrible quality, these are phone pictures 😦

Photobomb from Tom

Why did I have to ruin this photo

Finally the weekend after my birthday I celebrated again with family and friend (aka Emma) and we had afternoon tea and omg it was the best thing ever!

Obligatory family photo

Well I hope you enjoyed that whirlwind trip of my birthday week/month/year.

Until next time.

Neneh x

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