Testing E.L.F Cosmetics

I’ve always heard good things about E.L.F but had never really got around to testing the products for myself. Now that I have had the chance to give the website a browse and purchased the goods, its time to share the results (it sounds like I’m about to announce a competition winner or something!!)

I made an order online a few months ago now, (I believe it was February) so enough time to test out some newbies to my makeup collection before revealing all in this blog post. (Yeah, I totally forgot I had even started this post…) At the time of ordering E.L.F had an offer in which you could receive a free gift if you spent £25, and I am a sucker for those goddamn offers.

I never really put it into thought how affordable Elf’s products are and the majority of the makeup is vegan, just watch out for the brushes and some of the skincare. Let’s get to it!

Warm Bronzer

This bronzer has legit become my holy grail. I think I have used it almost every single day since I bought it and its still going strong. I tend to swirl my brush in all the shades and it gives a really good defined bronzer on yo face. This lasts fairly well throughout the day, however I usually top it up if I’m going out in the evening, other than that it’s banging.

Price – £5

Mineral Infused Mascara

You can’t really go wrong with mascara and this is no exception. I’m sure this was recommended by a blogger at the time I made the order, and I always get sucked into buying products other bloggers and YouTubers recommend… It works a treat, lasts well and makes your lashes look on point.

Price – £4.50

Precision Liquid Eyeliner

Forever trying to up my eyeliner game, I got this goodie to see what I would make of it. The liner tip is very thin so I had high hopes. You do need a steady hand for this one and with a bit of practice, you can get an on fleek wing.

Price – £4

Blush in Mellow Mauve

I had been on the hunt for a blusher that was a natural shade and this was just the ticket. This is my usual choice of daily blush, it adds just a touch of colour to your cheeks and you’re good to go.

Price – £4.50

Liquid Matte Lipstick in Praline

I have always been intrigued by matte lipsticks but never really considered buying one. I didn’t really want to get a majorly bright shade and end up hating it, so of course, I went for the classic nude pink shade. This lipstick is okay in moderation but I find it really dries out my lips and I want to scrape it off after a few hours, but I mean it is pretty.

Price – £6

Prime & Stay Finishing Powder in Sheer

Just a standard old pressed powder. The shade works well for me and it stops my oily t-zone coming to play, definitely worth a shot if you want an affordable powder to keep that nasty shine at bay!

Price – £3

The Free Gift…

Intense Black Eyeliner in Blackest Black

This makes applying eyeliner ten times easier because the applicator is like a felt tip pen. It was amazing the first few uses but then it kind of dried out and wasn’t as dark when I applied ir the next time around. It might have been just me but it was a tad annoying because I can’t really use it again.

Price – £5

Molten Liquid Eyeshadow in Liquid Gold

I’m not going to lie I don’t wear liquid eyeshadow because I can just see it all ending in a smudged mess. Mum wears a lot of liquid shadows so I gave it to her to trial and the result was a not very pigmented smudge of colour, so maybe avoid this one.

Price – £5

Lengthening and Volumizing Mascara in Black

The wand on this mascara is the most adorable you will ever see. It is so small it’s really good for your bottom lashes, especially if you struggle with smudging them with the usual mahoosive mascara wands you can get nowadays.

Price – £4.50

The £25 offer is still on at the moment, so grab your goodies while you can!

Until next time,

Neneh x

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