Vegan Level 100

I got a new job! Yup, this was the “very secret yet exciting thing I am yet to announce” back in my birthday post.

Now stay with me here, but this is a serious level up especially if you are fellow vegan. I started a new role at the Vegan Society in Birmingham as a Business Development Assistant, in my terms, this is vegan level 100. I spend my working week surrounded by vegan food, colleagues and companies – this is the dream.

So you’re probably wondering, well what does a Business Development Assistant do? Many of you are probably familiar with the Vegan Society logo which is found on foods, drinks and beauty product packaging ect. This is where the business development trademark team come in, all companies who wish to use this logo on their products get in touch with us to get the ball rolling. Each day is different, talking to new and long-standing customers and discussing products all day, every day. I’m discovering new brands to try all the time, I think I know where my money is going to go…

On my first day, I was very kindly given a bag of vegan goodies, so I thought I would share some with you because it’s all too exciting to keep to myself!


Dandies All Natural Vanilla Marshmallows

I had never heard of or seen this brand before apparently, they are America company and I am always excited to find vegan marshmallows and normally they are bloody expensive!


Bentley Organic Soap

Your standard soap but vegan and it smells glorious, can’t go wrong with a bit of lavender.


Sweet Freedom Fruit Syrup

Sweet Freedom is one of my fave brands. I normally buy their choc shots which are squeezy tubes liquid chocolate that you can use for hot chocolate, enough said.


The Protein Ball Co. Goji and Coconut

Usually, protein bars and balls put me off but I am willing to try this because I love goji berries. I am not a fan of coconut but you’ve got to try things at least once.IMG_0629Instinct Fruit Bites

Another snack to add to my collection! I can imagine these are incredibly moreish and something to grab and eat instead of the usual crisps or chocolate…


Kookie Kat Cookies

There were a handful of these mini cookies in the bag and they are so bloody adorable and delicious. They are not what I expected because they are slightly soft and chewy, I was thinking they’d be more of a biscuit consistency, but they’re still delish.

I haven’t included everything in the goodie bag because I’d probably bore you to tears, but ya get the idea.

Until next time,

Neneh x

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