World Vegan Month

World Vegan Month has come at a time of pro-vegan adverts and marketing, more options in restaurants and supermarkets and with no sign of slowing down, it gives me even more reason to shout about it. It seems wrong to not have a say as a part of this ever growing movement.

Since becoming vegan just over two years ago, the change has been phenomenal. There’s no excuse to brush off the topic with “its just a fad” and “it won’t make a difference” because looking at the stats (Source) there’s no reason not to be involved. Even global news outlets are reporting on the impacts of a vegan diet on the well-being of our planet. (Source)

Before you had to actively go looking for information on the lifestyle but now we are inundated with advise and opinions. Major brands are “jumping on the bandwagon” with Hellman’s bringing out vegan mayo to Magnum releasing two dairy free ice creams, there doesn’t seem to be any notion of this slowing down.

Veganism in the news

Oatly’s Marketing Campaign

Vegan on the Go

Vegan Sales up 85% at Waitrose

Rise in plant milk sales 

Waitrose’s Christmas Range

The amazing Vegan Society, where I work has also released an app VeGuide to help those on their vegan journey. Check it out on Google Play and the App Store.

Being a lifetime vegetarian to vegan I’ve made mistakes and learnt how important your diet and lifestyle are to animals, your health, the planet and our future. I’m proud to be part of the change. The future is vegan.

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