Five Books to Get You Through Lockdown

Sorry to say that word, but trust me you need to read some gooduns to get you through this apocalypse style life we are living in right now. I’m sure some of us are getting to the point of irrepressible boredom and desperate for an escape from reality or just a way to pass the time.

I read a real mixture of genres and go through phases all the time. Sometimes all I want to read is fiction and get lost in an imaginary world far from my own, then other times I want to really learn about topics that impact myself on a daily basis. You get my drift.

A Monk’s Guide to Happiness: Meditation in the 21st Century by Gelong Thubten
I have to say I can’t take the credit for this book recommendation. Ollie has raved about the importance of this book, crediting its impact on him by the words of a very kind and honest monk. I have to be honest, at first glance this looks deep BUT I have to praise the words written on every single page. Right now mindfulness and meditation seems to be on every corner, but this book really emphasises that meditation is one of, if not the most important ways of ensuring and being in charge of your own happiness.

Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine by Gail Honeyman
One of the first audio books I purchased back in the day, Eleanor Oliphant really is a whirlwind of a read. It gives you a view into the world of those who struggle with social situations and/or skills, making it extremely insightful into Eleanor’s life with autism. This book made made me happy one moment and sad the next and was one of those times where I found it hard to put the book down (or press pause in my case). It is worth mentioning, every person with autism is different, not all lack social awareness and hate physical contact and Eleanor’s story is just a snippet of what it is like for one individual.

Why We Get The Wrong Politicians by Isabel Hardman
If you really want to know how it all works in the world of politics, this is a must for you. It is pretty eye-opening to know how much money goes into the process of even becoming an MP in the first place and good luck to anyone who wants to venture into that sphere. Quite a topical book to read right now, especially when many of us do not trust the politicians who represent us. I definitely recall myself saying ‘they haven’t got a clue about how we live our lives.’ If you want to dive into this book, I recommend getting fully into the zone with this one, I had to re-read a few sections to get my head around the context.

The Flat Share by Beth O’Leary
I noticed this seems to be a pretty popular read online, with many people I follow recommending it and I’m about to add to that lineup. My lovely group of friends created a lil book club for us to be part of to keep ourselves sane throughout lockdown and help pass the time. This book was the first on the list and is what I would call a proper rom-com, all the romance and comedy mixed in exactly the right proportions. An incredibly easy read and one to get through in a single sitting with a big cup of tea and biscuits (guilty).

A Street Cat Named Bob
Based on a true story, and my very first excitable purchase on my Kindle, A Street Cat Named Bob is one of my absolute favourite reads in a long while. An incredibly heart warming tale of James, a busker and the stray cat Bob who becomes his own. I found myself invested in their lives, maybe more so because they are not fictional characters. Another easy read and one to pick up if you need something to get really stuck in to.

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