Vegan Round Up: June 2020

I thought it would be fun to kick start this lil series again because I’ve neglected it just a tad AND, a lotta vegan goodies have been launched across June.

Obviously, I can’t physically list all launches and exciting news from the past month, but I’ve listed some that aren’t worth missing!

Applewood Cheese
The king of all smoked vegan cheeses is launching a Vegan Christmas Cheese Board. Yes, with just under six months until the big day and Applewood has only gone and done it.  This will 100% be going straight in my basket (when it eventually turns up in supermarket this winter)!

Apparently, Domino’s have been developing vegan pizzas for over a year now. If any OG vegans remember, back in 2018 they launched some in a few select stores and they weren’t received very well. Fingers crossed they have cracked it this time, just a shame the trialing stores this time are nowhere near me.

UK sales of popular meat alternative brand, Oumph! sales have risen by 400% and their burger was recently awarded ‘Best Vegan Burger’ in the Vegan Food & Living awards.

One Planet Pizza
Vegan pizzas are clearly popular at the moment because One Planet Pizza has launched the first vegan cheeseburger pizza. Topped with Applewood cheese, caramelized onions, sliced gherkins, chunks of Meatless Farm’s burger, and Mooshies burger sauce.

The Plant Kitchen range at M&S is forever launching new products, this month includes some very exciting launches including Avocado Brioche Buns and Raspberry Ripple ice cream.  What a way to level up this year’s BBQ game!

ALDI Plant Menu
I am a massive lover of coleslaw so when M&S launched its own vegan version, I bought way too many pots. It’s nice to know there is a budget version of coleslaw (and potato salad), as spending 79p in comparison to £1.50 is definitely kinder to my wallet!

The Body Shop 
I’m definitely a fan of brands that are upping their sustainability game. The Body Shop has recently launched a range of Bath Bombs and Blends made from wonky fruit and veg, that would have otherwise gone to waste. A great way to make the most of the produce readily available here in the UK.

Squeaky Bean
Now, this is very exciting, especially for those who cba to make a vegan omelette from scratch! This ready-to-eat potato & onion tortilla is available in Sainsbury’s and is the first of its kind in the UK. I remember having the non-vegan version many a time when I was younger, so I’m happy there is a readily available vegan version on the highstreet.

Stay safe and until next time,
Neneh x

Have a read of my previous round up from last February.

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