Vegan Round Up: September 2020

It’s been hard to narrow down the vegan launches to just 8 this month, everyone seems to have gone wild throughout September. So I’ve picked some of my favourite launches to keep it short and sweet.

Finally, we have a vegan pizza from Domino’s. It only took them forever and a day to launch these to the market and I have to say they haven’t done a bad job. I mentioned these back in the June round up as they trialled the pizzas in set locations, now they are available everywhere, even in my sleepy little local town. Still waiting for them to match Papa John’s game though.

This month Aldi launched a vegan hamper service available for customers ordering online. It costs just under ยฃ30 and is filled with some delicious vegan goodies including: chocolate, sweets, biscuits and wine. Honestly, Aldi never fail to amaze me with their vegan launches, they also have vegan pains au chocolat, petit pains AND brioche buns too!

I am very excited that Quorn has created vegan pepperoni, this is going to be an absolute game changer for pizzas! Now can they hurry up and make all of their products vegan, please.

Mummy Meagz
From the company that brought us the vegan cream egg, they’ve only gone and done it again! This time Mummy Meagz has launched a Halloween version of the ‘Chuckie Egg’ย  in Holland & Barrett. They’ve also gone mad with a Christmas range including an advent calendar, a hot chocolate stirrer, chocolate buttons, orange chocolate, and more!

I don’t know if anyone else misses the Philadelphia Cadbury chocolate spread because I definitely do. Now I have something to replace it thanks to Violife bringing out a vegan version! This is probably going to be dangerous.

Pukka Pies
An interesting new player to the vegan game, Pukka Pies have launched two vegan pies – chicken & mushroom and minced steak & onion and they sound delicious!

Warner Bros
Any fans of Harry Potter will be pleased to know Warner Brothers have a vegan friendly butter beer available to buy online and in their selected stores around London. I have to be honest I’ve never tried it, but now it’s readily available maybe I will!

Now caramel dairy milk used to one of my absolute favourite chocolate bars and for NOMO to release a vegan version of that same bar has filled me with joy. I will absolutely be grabbing one the next time I’m in Sainsbury’s.

Stay safe and until next time,
Neneh x

Have a read of my previous round up fromย last month.

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